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HELIAX AVA5-50 from Andrew
Corporation is the lowest attenuation
coaxial cable in the industry.
With HELIAX AVA5-50, system designers
and operators can cut cable subsystem
costs by up to 30% and gain tower
height at the same time. Engineers can
now meet system link budgets using
HELIAX AVA5-50 7/8” coaxial cable in
certain taller tower applications, instead
of a 1-1/4” cable which would have
previously been required.
Manufactured worldwide, HELIAX AVA5-
50 cables can be at your site quickly
via our global distribution network. Or
simply order an Andrew OnePackSM Site
Kit with AVA5-50 for even faster, more
consistent site buildouts.
Designed and engineered with both your
link and cost budgets in mind, AVA5-50
cable continues the long-standing tradition
of quality and excellence that
HELIAX has delivered to the communication
industry for decades.

  • AVA5-50 7/8" Andrew HELIAX Coaxial Cable, Black
  • 2.58dB/100M loss @ 500 MHz
  • Velocity Factor 91%
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