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The key design objective behind OctoMix was to create a very high quality, extremely reliable and easy to use broadcast mixer which has:

  • ALL of the ‘MUST HAVE’ features
  • MOST of the ‘WOULD BE NICE’ features
  • NONE of the ‘DON’T NEED’ features


With a performance which outclasses products costing many times more, it is easy to demonstrate why OctoMix will outlive similarly priced mixers and explain how it will keep you on air year after year after year.

OctoMix is a PROFESSIONAL product, designed and manufactured by professionals, for use by professionals in (often) demanding professional environments where there is no room for operator error.

In OctoMix the intelligence is ‘under the bonnet’ –a simple uncluttered, unambiguous control surface which provides those essential controls required for broadcast –minimising the potential for operator error, keeping you on air.

Unlike many manufacturers who cram in as many knobs, switches and displays as possible –we have listened carefully to what our customers tell us they need, and have evolved a ‘less is more’ philosophy.

Many products bristle with controls that simply will never be used; this is not only an unnecessary cost, but it makes the mixer more complex and clumsy to use, increasing the chances of operator errors.

In OctoMix you will only find those controls needed to do the job –allowing us to use only the very best of components –money well spent!

Manufactured by professionals, for professionals Hybrid broadcast mixer Designed using analogue & digital technology Dual power supply Balanced audio inputs/outputs Eight simple, colour-coded faders Three microphone channels One TBU channel TBU button illuminates on receipt of an incoming call (optional TBU required) Divert calls from handset to mixer (speak off-air with callers) Four stereo line channels Remote-start using either button or fader Volume controls for presenter, guests & studio speakers Supports tech-op or self-op broadcasting Guest Headphone ‘talkback’ Optional connector cover Optional external microphone Cough Switch
  • Freq. Response
  • Mic I/P Gain:Hi: 50dB +/- 15dB trim
  • Lo: 30dB +/- 15dB trim
  • Mic I/P Impedance:1.2kohm
  • Mic I/P Headroom:+20dB
  • Mic I/P THD:Typically < 0.05%, 1kHz At 0dB output
  • Mic I/P Noise:
  • Mic I/P Balance:Typically 60dB, 1kHz
  • Line I/P Gain:Hi: 10dB +/- 15dB trim
  • Lo: 0dB +/-15dB trim
  • Line I/P Impedance:>10kohm
  • Line I/P Headroom:>20dB
  • Line I/P THD:Typically < 0.05%, 1kHz At 0dB output
  • Line I/P Noise:< - 80dB, 20-20kHz Single channel 0dB
  • Line I/P Balance:Typically 60dB, 1kHz
  • Stereo Crosstalk:Typically > 80dB
  • Fader Offness:Typically > 80dB
  • Line O/P Impedance:< 50ohm
  • Max O/P Level:+24dBU Except h/phones
  • Max. H/phone level:Into 32ohms
  • O/P Balance:Typically 60dB, 1kHz
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Clyde Broadcast Octomix


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