Breakaway Processor

The clean, polished, and powerful sound of Breakaway Broadcast Processor attracts and holds listeners in every broadcast medium. It reaches a new level of audio quality by intelligently masking distortion, placing it where it’s least likely to be heard. It’s not magic — just pure science.

Breakaway Broadcast Processor is the best solution for FM, AM and all forms of digital broadcasting wrapped up in a software program. The difference in quality when compared to leading hardware processors is obvious. Where other processors strain and fall apart, Breakaway Broadcast Processor is loud and clear, even with extremely difficult instruments like xylophones. The result is a broadcast that dominates the competition with volume and punch, and a clarity that they cannot possibly achieve.

Breakaway Broadcast Processor is also the first software processor to be fully standards compliant. It has impeccable peak control (+/- 75 kHz deviation), 60dB Pilot Protection, and is fully compliant with ITU-R SM.1268-1. With state of the art multi-band processing and back-end peak control, Breakaway Broadcast Processor is the ideal choice for all forms of radio.

  • FM Radio – Ensures loudness, punch, and clarity within legal limits.
  • Web Radio – Attains unbelievably full, clean, and powerful sound online.
  • HD Radio – Makes the most of the limited bit-rate.
  • DAB Radio – Works extremely well with both MP2 and AAC Plus.
  • AM Radio – Utilizes tight filtering and asymmetrical clipping.

There are two distinctly different versions of Breakaway Broadcast Processor so you know you’ll be getting the unique features you need.

Advanced distortion
masked clipper
On-air Low Latency (17ms)NoYes
Audio drivers supportedWave, DirectSound,
Kernel Streaming
ASIO only
Low Latency studio output (8ms)Through Breakaway
Live only
Low Latency studio output and
MPX output through 1 sound card
Free Trial lengthForever, with Breakaway commercial inserted every 30 minutes.Forever, with Breakaway commercial inserted every 30 minutes.


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