broadcast concepts lpf1500rf50

The Broadcast Concepts LPF1500RF50 is a low pass filter with directional coupler providing -50dB RF sample at the forward and reflected ports. The test ports feature +/- 0.1dB response flatness thanks to a broadband equalizer network. This filter is ideally suited for use with log detectors.

Each filter is carefully sweep tested with our HP8753ES network analyzer.

  • 86-110MHz 1500 watts maximum.
  • 9th order Chebyshev typology.
  • Ultra low loss Teflon PCB; tightly controlled dielectric constant.
  • large #8 awg inductors.
  • 0.12 dB insertion loss maximum; 0.1dB typical.
  • -28dB return loss; -33dB typical.
  • -47dB rejection at 176MHz. That's the 1st harmonic of 88MHzDirectional Coupler Specifications
  • Directivity: 20dB minimum
  • -50dB sample at forward and reflected ports.
  • Frequency response: +/- 0.1dB
  • Forward and reflected port return loss: -28dB typical.


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