broadcast concepts fm700sx

The Broadcast Concepts FM700SX is designed for FM radio transmitters, This amplifier incorporates microstrip technology and a pair of 350W SD2942 mosfet transistors.

  • 86-110MHz 48 Volts
  • Input/Output 50 ohms
  • Pout 700W Minimum with a 6 to 8 watt input watt input.
  • 19dB gain minimum.
  • Low distortion Class B push-pull.
  • Small size: only 4.5 in x 8.115 inch
  • 68% efficiency typical.
  • Power requirements 20 to 22 Amps @ 48 volts.
  • Bias disable pads facilitate integration into amplifier systems that employ automatic VSWR protection.
Absolute Maximum Ratings (T case = 25C) Symbol Parameter Value Unit Vs Drain voltage supply 50 V DC Is Supply Current 24 A dc VSWR Load Mismatch (All phase angles, Id=22A, TC=+55C) 3 to 1 Tstg Storage temperature range -40 to +85C Celsius Tc Base plate operating temperature -40 to +55C Celsius RF IN RF Input 12.0 Watts RF OUT RF Output 725 Watts Electrical Specifications (T case = 25C, 50 ohm loaded, VS=48V bias=90ma x 2) Characteristics min typ max unit Operating Frequency range 86 110 MHz Fundamental output power 700 W Power Input n/a 8.0 12.0 W Power Gain (700w output) 18.0 19.0 n/a dB Collector Efficiency 68 70 n/a % Collector Current (700w output) 21.5 23.0 A dc Insertion Phase variation (unit to unit) +/-3.5 degrees Power gain (unit to unit) +/-1.0 dB F2 Second Harmonic -40dB dB F3 Third Harmonic -20dB dB Transistor Bias Current: Factory set to 90ma @48V. Adjustment is not recommended 85 90 100 ma dc
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