broadcast concepts mrf173

Designed for FM radio transmitters, this amplifier incorporates broadband matching and a MRF173 MOSFET transistor.

  • Each pallet amplifier we sell is designed and tested using HP 8753 vector network analyzers.
  • Our amplifier products are manufactured using an automatic surface mount assembly process.
  • This pallet is optimized for 28 volt operation. Using a lower voltage will result in lower efficiency output power. This pallet is well suited as a driver stage and it will operate down to 10 volts. Bias adjustment at lower voltages is not required. All units are shipped with the bias point set at 215ma at 28V.
  • RF output power can be adjusted by lowering the supply voltage.
  • 86 – 110MHz.
  • 28 Volts.
  • Input/output 50 ohms.
  • Pout: 70W minimum; 80 typical.
  • 18dB Gain (80W)
  • Class AB.
  • Requires 28Vdc at 4.0 amps typical.
  • No bias adjustments or RF circuit tuning is required.
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