biquad top arm silver

The Biquad Top Arm is an articulated microphone arm with innovative design and high visual impact. The microphone support line TOP ARM was made with fluid design that can harmonise with any work environment providing ergonomic, practicality, safety and durability, causing a great visual impact in the studio.

Has injected joints in high mechanical resistance material, aluminium body tube with exclusive design and anodised treatment, spring and support cable incorporated inside the product and is already provided with a high quality audio cable (BELDEN™) and special shielding and a XLR (AMPHENOL™) connector in one end of the cable.

o create a more convenient and secure environment, Biquad included in the product a indicator of LEDs on its end that indicates to the user that the microphone is “open” or in use. This indicator has great luminosity even in very bright environments with low current consumption.

The microphone signal integrity is guaranteed because the TOP ARM is provided with an exceptional quality cable for the traffic of the audio signal over the power of the LEDs, this cable has individual screens to ensure maximum noise immunity. To facilitate the installer’s life, the end of the cable which connects the microphone already included with an XLR connector of excellent quality.

The product has 3 different sizes: 19,68” (50cm), 31,49“ (80cm) and 39,37” (100cm) of length and two different colors: Silver and Black.

Besides the colour options, there are two different fixing options. Bushing that allow to install the stand in any mobile position, however, require drilling for installation. Clamp allows the installation without the need of drilling, but it can not be installed in central positions, only on the ends.

The TOP ARM supports microphones up to 4,4 lbs (2kg) and has smooth joints and precise that allow the ideal positioning of the microphone in a very easy and fast way without noises.

Update your studio leaving it more modern and beautiful, use the new line of TOP ARM mic stands. Elegance and neatness!

  • Built with aluminium tubes with an anodised finish in 3 different colours: black, bronze and silver;
  • Joints injected in high mechanical strength polyamide;
  • Springs and pressure system with steel cable mounted internally in the product;
  • Pressure adjustment of the springs to support microphones with up to 2kg;
  • Belden® audio cables with individually shielded and Amphenol® XLR connector on the end of the cable that connects to the microphone already built into the product; *¹
  • Three different sizes: 50cm, 80cm and 100cm;
  • Spring, audio cable, wire rope hidden by aluminium tubes and joints;
  • Different possibilities of assembly and various working angles;
  • Distinctive design, projected in a renowned professional studio design, fluid design, ergonomic and modern;
  • Top-quality, high durability and quality parts;
  • Microphone with indicator “on-air” with high brightness red LED light: Permissible voltage 3.5 to 24V with a 40mA current; *²
  • Future expansion of the accessory line with 100% compatibility;
  • 4 different models of bases: Bushing, Table Clamp, Table Mount, Table Mount Through.
Boom Lengths available: 50, 80 & 100 CM
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