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Biquad HP 600 Headphone Distributor, 6 Channels, 12 Headphones

The Biquad HP-600 distribution amplifier for headphones can supply up to 12 headphones simultaneously with extreme power and audio fidelity.

HP-600 has 6 individual headphone amplifiers that can supply up to 12 headphones (2 for each amplifier) developed to perform with extreme quality and definition of the audio reproduction in high-quality headphones. The amplifiers use as the main component of the IC TPA6120 that provides current up to 700mA with a minimum of 8 Ohms and dynamic range higher than 120dB, that is, the component characteristics used to amplify the audio combined with the professional design of the other circuits make the HP-600 a reference headphone amplifier to be used in professional applications.

Has audio balanced inputs (L/R) with XLR connectors on the back panel and Thru outputs (L/R) that can be used as a cascade in other equipment to the same audio font without compromising it. The input (L/R) audio levels can be adjusted on the front panel and measured through a digital VU.

Each headphone amplifier has its own volume control on the front panel and a balanced stereo output on the front panel and one on the back panel, that is, each amplifier can supply up to 2 headphones simultaneously with the volume control for both outputs.

  • VU level meter of the input signal;
  • 6 separate outputs for headphones on the front and 6 outputs on the rear panel;
  • Independent volume control for each headphone output;
  • Amplifiers are extremely transparent with a power of 4 W / 8 Ohms each output.
  • THRU Output which enables cascading different equipment.
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Biquad HP-600


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