Belar FMRR 4

The Belar FMRR-4 Frequency Agile FM Rebroadcast Receiver is a microprocessor controlled, tunable receiver designed for rebroadcasting and other applications that require accurate FM reception and composite output. The FMRR-4 features 10 memory locations for one-button access to 10 stations with call letters. Direct dial of any standard FM frequency is also possible, and UP/DOWN buttons are included. The station’s call letters can be programmed into the display with the frequency for quick and easy reference. A sophisticated, multistage filter ensures the highest possible performance.

The precision demodulator features two buffered 75 ohm composite (BNC) outputs and a 600 ohm, balanced (XLR) output suitable for rebroadcast of mono, stereo, and SCA signals.

  • 10 memory presets with programmable call letters
  • Direct dial of any standard FM frequency in 50 kHz increments
  • Non-volatile memory for presets, calls
  • Input Attenuator: 0, 6, 12, 18 dB, switched
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Carrier-fail relay (NO or NC) for remote switching applications
  • Audio mute under low- or loss-of-signal
  • Front panel headphone jack for convenient monitoring
  • Optional power supplies available for solar or other special applications
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Belar FMRR-4


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