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The Belar FMHD-1 is a state of the art HD Radio monitor designed to support the needs of today’s broadcaster well into the future. The monitor decodes the HD Radio signal and analogue FM signal simultaneously displaying HD Radio status, data, time alignment, and configuration information, as well as total, pilot, L, R, L+R and L−R metering and RF spectrums. The two racks high unit with 640×240 colour LCD display and rotary encoder provide a detailed clean and simple user interface.

Based on the latest decoder from Ibiquity, the FMHD-1 currently supports monitoring multiple audio streams and simultaneous monitoring of two streams with an optional second plugin HD decoder.  The units 8 user-assignable analogue audio outputs and 3 assignable AES-3ID outputs provide support for a wide variety of broadcast scenarios including multi-casting and surround sound.

In addition to an antenna input for monitoring off the air, the FMHD-1 has two high-level RF inputs for transmitter site operation. The dual RF inputs allow for monitoring at installations using two transmitters to generate the combined Analog/HD signal.

Older wideband Analog FM monitors out in the field may require pre-filtering in order to remove HD radio sidebands. The FMHD-1 provides two variable bandwidth, high quality filtered analogue composite outputs for driving these monitors eliminating interference.

The FMHD-1 has both RJ-45 10/100 Base T Ethernet and RS-232 computer interfaces. When used in conjunction with the Wizard for Windows software the FMHD-1 can be viewed remotely with various PC graphing and logging functions available. The unit also provides 4 user-assignable relay closures used to indicate alarm conditions.

  • Frequency Agile Antenna and High-Level Inputs

  • RF Spectrum Analysis with Mask and Sideband Power Measurements

  • Metering of Analog Total, Pilot, L, R, L+R, and L−R

  • Metering of HD  L, R, L+R, L−R Audio

  • Time Alignment Graphic Display Analysis ±16384 samples, ±375 ms to ±256 samples, ±5.8 ms Audio Polarity

  • Level Alignment Graphic Display Analysis ±20.0 dB

  • HD Control and Status Information

  • HD SIS and PAD Data

  • BER (Bit Error Rate) Measurements

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