belar fmcs 1

The Belar FMCS-1 provides a complete solution for the Analog portions of the FM signal.

The FMCS-1 combines the features and functions of an RF Amplifier, FM Demod, Stereo Demod, RDS Decoder, Two SCA Decoders, and FFT Spectrum Analyzer in one product.

Using state of the art DSP techniques all of the FMCS-1 processing takes place in the digital domain, this results in FM analogue performance that was previously not possible.

The Belar FMCS-1 All-in-One FM Modulation Monitor is a wideband FM monitor which meets the Federal Communications Commission requirements for measuring the total modulation characteristics of monaural as well as the stereo modulation characteristics of multiplexed FM transmitters. The FMCS-1 measures modulation and provides high-quality outputs for all the services available on conventional analogue FM broadcast stations operating in the 88 MHz to 108 MHz band. Onboard processing provides spectral analysis of the pre demodulation and post demodulation signals. Internally generated calibration signals permit checking monitor accuracy at any time. Communications ports and a graphical user interface enable local or remote operation of the FMCS-1 via an external PC.

Frequency Agile RF input AM & Sync AM Noise measurements HD RF carrier rejections filters to improve analogue readings in the presence of HD carriers. FM Demodulation with 100 dB 75 µsec SNR Variable Bandwidth Composite Filtering Stereo Demodulation with 100 dB L/R Separations Full metering of Analog Peak and RMS values RDS Injection/Phase and Full Data decoding Two SCA Decoders RF, Composite, and Audio FFT Spectrum Analysis RJ-45 Ethernet Interface with remote PC software
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