Barix Exstreamer 110 IP Audio Decoder

The Exstreamer 100 family of products decode IP Audio streams and play out the received Audio signal to amplifiers or speakers. Supporting a large number of protocols, encoding methods and application specific firmware, the products can be used for Broadcast, Internet Radio, as well as VoIP applications. Control and local storage interfaces are device specific to match different use cases.

The Barix Exstreamer 110 is a versatile network audio decoder for a variety of applications. It enables users to create flexible, cost-effective distributed audio systems using standard IP technology. The Barix Exstreamer 110 plays MP3/WMA/AACplusV2,PCM,Ethersound audio files from PC or web server (http) as well as legacy digital and analog sources (using the Barix Instreamer) and streams from sources like Shoutcast, Icecast (Internet radio) or RTP servers (Instreamer).

The Barix Exstreamer 110 provides a backlit LCD with 32 characters showing status and metadata information, unbalanced RCA outputs and a headphone jack, along with Ethernet connection and web-browser control. With serial and Ethernet control APIs, it can also be managed from typical automation systems. Installing the Barix Exstreamer 100 is fast and simple due to its unique features, SonicIP and IPzator: On power up the device finds a correct IP address and announces it over the audio and headphone outputs.

• All-in-one solution for Audio over IP decoding and distribution • Supports IP standards such as TCP/IP, RTP, SIP, Multicast • Suitable for use in broadcast, paging, in-store applications • Supports Audio formats such as AACplusV2, MP3, PCM, Ogg Vorbis, G.711 • Universal Serial Interface (RS-232), Relay (some models) • USB or MicroSD flash connector for media storage • ES-100/Spkr (Ethersound 100) Support

2 reviews for Barix Exstreamer 110

  1. Andrew Wroblewski (verified owner)

    Superb piece of equipment, and one of the best values out of all websites selling this item. So so easy to set up, amazing quality, and, even allows up to 3 streams, in priority order should one fail for a while. Even allows remote access, and allows the use of a USB pen with music on, should all the stream(s) fail for a while. USB pen also has several options, normal, timed, random etc. Thanks to Dave at transmitterRus for a great suggested product.
    I love the visual display, so you even know what song is playing. Additional bonus includes a headphone socket, as well as of course line out phono RCA sockets. To be used on our community radio station due to start Mid November 2018 in Southport.

  2. Paul Toal (verified owner)

    Excellent piece of kit with visual display – it just works

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Barix Exstreamer 110


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