audessence ProCoder 3 fm processor

Audessence ProCoder-3

The Audessence ProCoder-3 is now building an impressive repeat customer list, including BBC World Service.

A great value FM processor with built-in stereo encoder and integral fully-featured RDS encoder now makes building a high quality, reliable FM system more cost-effective than ever before. The ProCoder 3 can save money whether your station is a large network keen to solve the dilemma of where to locate your processor – or a smaller broadcaster looking to broadcast a loud signal without losing clarity and quality.

Multiband processors can be located at the studio for convenience, whilst obtaining better peak control (and therefore more loudness) at one or many FM transmitter sites using ProCoder’s ‘transparent mode’ with LF- and HF- overshoot inhibiting algorithms. All the usual limiting and clipping functions for peak control that you’d expect to find are there too, including fully overshoot compensated 15kHz low-pass filters.

The broadcast audio processor section also has a full range of tools for ‘stand-alone’ use, including our world-renowned leveller, plus effective presence and brightness enhancers to make sure your signal stands out. ProCoder delivers typical Audessence clarity and fidelity on voices and music, but this box has the capability to go loud as well!


• FM networks: use at transmission site, locate preferred multiband processor at studio
• Satellite ‘drop-downs’, telco-fed FM sites (analogue or digital) and RBFM repeaters
• Stand-Alone FM processing
• All Network, Commercial & Community radio


• No compromise on loudness or clarity, fully-digital throughout
• ‘Transparent’ mode enables main (multi-band) audio processor location at the studio
• Save an enormous amount of money if you are equipping multiple transmission sites!
• Very effective in ‘stand-alone’ mode also: AGC, compression, & brightness enhancer
• Improve reliability and save money with automatic audio fail detect and switching
• Reliable, maintenance-free; low heat dissipation = NO FAN NEEDED OR USED!
• Fully-featured integral RDS encoder

• ‘Transparent mode’ offers brick-wall peak limiting without disturbing sonic signature • Automatic silence detect and fall-back to secondary audio source (defeatable) • Composite clipper for ‘last ounce’ loudness with perfect pilot and subcarrier protection • Overshoot-compensated 15.5kHz low-pass filters • GPI tallies for: PSU OK, DSP watchdog, primary audio OK, All-OK • Advanced AGC as used in our ALPS levellers offers unsurpassed, rapid control of levels • Presence enhancer to brighten programme if used without multiband pre-processing • No-tamper front panel (set-up by PC only: GUI software, USB and RS-232 ports provided) • Bright, always-visible LED bar-graphs for instant confidence checks • Very low audio latency (7 milliseconds), very fast boot-up (<1 second) • TCP-IP connectivity option; Left/Right audio outputs option • Factory presets deliver exactly the results you need for any application …fast • Integral fully-featured RDS encoder
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