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Audessence ALPS-3

Taking control to the next level, the ALPS-3 broadcast audio processor features full remote-control via both GPI and Internet (IP).

For situations where audio parameters need to be changed on a regular basis, fully-flexible scheduling software is provided. All processing parameters can be remotely altered by automation systems to reflect changes in broadcast content.

Solving Audio Level problems completely:

ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY, QUALITY, and RELIABILITY! Perceived loudness, dynamic range and peak level; suitable for all situations where some combination of these three must be powerfully yet unobtrusively controlled.


• Brings consistency to programme streams without erasing musical dynamics

• Ends listener annoyance from over-loud segments such as commercials and shouting DJ’s

• Improves audibility and clarity of programme

• Eliminates overload distortion and damage forever

• Eliminates the inconvenience of unauthorized tampering with controls

• Maintains programme path reliability


Control levels where IP remote control and / or scheduling is useful:

• Level control for Network, Major Market and automated broadcasters

• Normalization at Ingest and Master Control – done right!

• Sound level control for Television

• FM broadcast: Networks, Relay from satellite, remote sites

• Top quality; 48-bit (24-bit i/o), 88.2 or 96kHz native-mode, also accepts 32, 44.1, 48kHz • Factory presets deliver exactly the results you need …fast • A properly integrated single-box solution with all features needed for broadcast • Maintains programme reliability – ‘pass-through’ relays for analogue and digital paths • Straightforward, clear and intuitive user interface • Security system prevents unauthorized tampering • Bright, Always-Visible LED bar graphs for audio confidence checks • Low audio latency (2.2 – 4 milliseconds), fast boot-up (<1 second), low power (10W)
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Audessence ALPS-3


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