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Audessence ALPS-2

Audio levellers control programme levels automatically, so whatever happens in the studio, your broadcast sound is always 100% clearly audible at the right volume!

Audio Levellers are typically deployed at the studio output point, where signals are switched, fed to AM, FM or DAB radio transmitters, or when feeding into links and distribution.

As their name suggests, levellers are designed to control audio level but without otherwise changing the quality of the broadcast sound in any way. Audessence levellers can be used in front of any transmission or ‘Air-chain’ audio processor. All our audio levellers are specifically designed to work smoothly in front of multiband audio processors, and will not conflict with them.

Adding comprehensive front-panel control features, the ALPS-2 audio leveller is ideally suited to dynamic operating environments, such as outside broadcasts, where instant local adjustment of sound parameters may be required. A front-panel jog-wheel and LCD provides intuitive simplicity, with gain-reduction metering giving direct feedback to the user.

Perceived loudness, dynamic range and peak level; suitable for all situations where some combination of these three must be powerfully yet unobtrusively controlled.


: • Brings consistency to any programme stream without erasing musical dynamics

• Ends listener annoyance from over-loud segments such as commercials and shouting DJs

• Improves audibility and clarity of programme

• Eliminates overload distortion and damage forever

• Eliminates the inconvenience of unauthorized tampering with controls

• Maintains programme path reliability – fail-safe mode if AC power or PSU fails


: • Control levels of Outside Broadcasts, news booths, unattended studios and ‘remotes

’ • Overload protection for STL, digital codec, PA, and monitors

• Normalization at Ingest and Master Control – done right!

• Sound level control for Television

• FM broadcast: Networks, Relay from satellite, Community radio & RSLs

• Professional-level audio streaming, archiving and podcasting


• Top quality; 48-bit (24-bit i/o), 88.2 or 96kHz native-mode, also accepts 32, 44.1, 48kHz • Factory presets deliver exactly the results you need …fast • A properly integrated single-box solution with all features needed for broadcast • Maintains programme reliability – ‘pass-through’ relays for analogue and digital paths • Straightforward, clear and intuitive user interface • Security system prevents unauthorized tampering • Bright, Always-Visible LED bar graphs for audio confidence checks • Low audio latency (2.2 – 4 milliseconds), fast boot-up (<1 second), low power (7.5W
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Audessence ALPS-2


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