audemat control silver

The Audemat Control Silver (formerly known as IP2Choice) is a system for site management and monitoring. It can be configured to connect with any equipment at a site through traditional status and metering inputs and commands (relays). The AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR is also capable of advanced connections to other equipment using serial protocols or SNMP via an IP network. All units linked to the AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR can then be monitored and controlled locally and remotely via a variety of communications modes on networks (ADSL, LAN, GSM. The AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR can also trigger automatic actions providing a complete management solution.

  • Control and monitoring of all equipment at a remote site
  • Automatic actions based on a script
  • Connect to the external unit through digital/analogue/audio inputs, relays, serial ports or through IP (SNMP, PING)
  • Remote communication through LAN/WAN, 3G, GSM, CDMA, PSTN...
  • Number and type of GPIOs configurable to meet the demands of the site
  • Notifications via Email, SNMP and Voice/DTMF Phone Alert calls
  • ScriptEasy software for configuration and remote administration
  • MasterView application for end-user views of data and control


Modular configuration:up to 12 modules
LAN ports:2 - 10/100/1000M Base-T RJ45 ports
USB ports:4 - A type
Serial port:1 in front + 1 in rear - RS232, configurable for console mode or serial communication
VGA port:1 - for access to MasterView
Power button:1
LED indicators:3 - RUN, HDD, Power
Metering (analog inputs):Up to 40 (option)
Status (digital inputs):Up to 128 (option)
Commands (relay outputs):Up to 64 (option)

I/O Specification

Metering (analog inputs):12-bit -0 V / +50 V (4 ranges)
Status (digital inputs):5-25 VDC external or contact closure
Commands (relay outputs):1 A @ 50 VDC per relay

Hardware Description

Dimension:19'' x 2U x 325 mm (8.7'')
Weight:~ 5.80 kg / 12 ¾ lbs with no I/O boards
Humidity:10-95% (non-condensing relative humidity)
Temperature:Optimal performance: 5 to 45°C
Guaranteed working: 0° to 50 °C
Storage: -20 to 70° C
Power supply:100-250 VAC Full range – 50-60 Hz
Power consumption:60 W @ 230 VAC
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Audemat Control Silver

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