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The Atmstrong X-500B is built with a single 600 Watt RF module capable of 150% modulation, and can bring that major market sound to your radio station. Engineered with the latest technological innovations, they offers high reliability, built-in redundancy and are HD Radio® ready.

Best of all, our customers tell us that these workhorses pay for themself with savings in electricity and maintenance costs over an older transmitter. As a bonus they get exceptional reliability and that major market sound for free.

  • +90% RF PA efficiency
  • Optimized multiphase modulator (flat group delay, low source impedance)
  • Capable of +150% positive modulation
  • Hot pluggable modules (X1000B)
  • Designed to easily accept the new digital IBOC signal
  • Three preset power levels and full remote control capability
  • Fully redundant RF, modulator, cooling system and power supplies

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Output
  • X-1000B:1KW (rated), 1,200 (capable).
  • X-500B:500 Watt Rated, 600 (capable).
  • Continuously adjustable
  • Three power level presets
  • Frequency Range:530kHz to 1700kHz
  • Output Impedance:50 ohms unbalanced, Type PL259
  • Modulator Type:Pulse Duration Modulation (PDM)
  • Audio Frequency Response:+- 0.5db, 30-10,000Hz
  • Square Wave Overshoot:2% at 400 Hz
  • Square Wave Tilt:3% or less at 40Hz
  • Audio Harmonic Distortion:Better than 1%(THD) at 95% modulation 30-10,000Hz (reduced antenna bandwidth may degrade specifications)
  • Audio Intermod:1% or less at 1KW 60/7000Hz 4:1ratio SMPTE Standards Distortion at 85% modulation
  • Modulation Capability:150%(rated) 165% (capable)
  • Carrier Shift:Not to exceed 1%
  • RF Harmonics:73d B or more below 1KW
  • Spurious Outputs:73 dB below 1KW
  • Noise and Hum:60db or more below 100% modulation at 1KW
  • Frequency Stability:+-5 ppm
  • Audio Input:600 ohms active balanced +10dBm nominal
  • Power Input:190-260 VAC, single phase
  • Power Consumption
  • X-1000B:1400 Watts at 1KW 0% modulation
  • 1750 Watts at 1KW, 100% continuous sine wave modulation
  • X-500B:600 Watts at 500W 0% Modulation
  • 900 Watts at 500W 100% continuous sine wave modulation
  • Remote control/monitor:DB25 Connector

Mechanical and Environmental Specifications

  • Ambient Temperature:-10°C to 50°C
  • Humidity Range:95% max, non-condensing
  • Altitude:8,000 feet
  • Size:12.25" high x 19" wide x 20" deep
  • Weight:X-1000B 132 lbs // X-500B 98lbs
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Armstrong X-500B


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