andrew ldf4 50a

Andrew LDF4-50A, HELIAX® Low Density Foam Coaxial Cable, corrugated copper, 1/2 in, black PE jacket

  • LDF4-50 1/2" Andrew HELIAX Coaxial Cable, Black
  • 5.02dB/100M loss @ 500 MHz
  • Velocity Factor 88%

Construction Materials

Jacket Material:PE
Outer Conductor Material:Corrugated copper
Dielectric Material:Foam PE
Inner Conductor Material:Copper-clad aluminum wire
Jacket Color:Black


Nominal Size:1/2 in
Cable Weight:0.15 lb/ft | 0.22 kg/m
Diameter Over Dielectric:12.954 mm | 0.510 in
Diameter Over Jacket:15.875 mm | 0.625 in
Inner Conductor OD:4.8260 mm | 0.1900 in
Outer Conductor OD:13.970 mm | 0.550 in

Electrical Specifications

Cable Impedance:50 ohm ±1 ohm
Capacitance:23.1 pF/ft | 75.8 pF/m
dc Resistance, Inner Conductor:0.450 ohms/kft | 1.480 ohms/km
dc Resistance, Outer Conductor:0.820 ohms/kft | 2.690 ohms/km
dc Test Voltage:4000 V
Inductance:0.190 µH/m | 0.058 µH/ft
Insulation Resistance:100000 Mohms•km
Jacket Spark Test Voltage (rms):8000 V
Operating Frequency Band:1 – 8800 MHz
Peak Power:40.0 kW

Environmental Specifications

Installation Temperature:-40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to +140 °F)
Operating Temperature:-55 °C to +85 °C (-67 °F to +185 °F)
Storage Temperature:-70 °C to +85 °C (-94 °F to +185 °F)

General Specifications

Ordering Note:CommScope® standard product (Global)

Mechanical Specifications

Bending Moment:3.8 N-m | 2.8 ft lb
Flat Plate Crush Strength:110.0 lb/in | 2.0 kg/mm
Minimum Bend Radius, Multiple Bends:127.00 mm | 5.00 in
Minimum Bend Radius, Single Bend:50.80 mm | 2.00 in
Number of Bends, minimum:15
Number of Bends, typical:50
Tensile Strength:113 kg | 250 lb


Performance Note:Values typical, unless otherwise stated

Standard Conditions

Attenuation, Ambient Temperature:20 °C | 68 °F
Average Power, Ambient Temperature:40 °C | 104 °F
Average Power, Inner Conductor Temperature:100 °C | 212 °F


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