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Altronic has been designing and manufacturing RF dummy loads and related products for the past 50 years for the broadcast communications industry and more recently for the semi-conductor industry. Your RF experts, we specialize in radio frequency (RF) resistors and coaxial dummy loads. We work with our customers specific to their site installation needs. At Altronic, we regard our customers as long-term partners and our success is from the trust our customers place in us.

These air dielectric coaxial loads deliver the same high performance of the 6700 Series in a smaller package. The 6400 Series was designed to operate using static or forced air while exhibiting stable RF characteristics. The small, compact oil free design is a welcome advantage in a busy transmitter area. Applications run from mounting on top of the transmitter to placing them inside the cabinet. Model 640105 is an excellent load for VHF transmitters with separate inputs for the aural and visual ports.

  • Re model 640105 Typical application would be for visual and aural for VHF transmitter.
    without FA640105 Fan Assembly rating is 300 watts and 1.5kW.
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