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The Alice DA6-2 MKII is a 19” rack-mounted high-performance, dual six output distribution amplifier designed to provide multiple audio feeds in stereo and dual-mono applications. It can also be configured as a single twelve output distribution amplifier by the operation of internal links.

All audio connections are via professional standard XLR connectors (two x female for inputs, 12 x male carrying individual outputs). All inputs and outputs are electronically balanced and floating and may therefore be unbalanced individually if required (see below). Note that unbalancing any input or output has no effect whatsoever on the level or balanced nature of the remaining inputs and outputs, so any combination of balanced and unbalanced equipment can be accommodated.

The input impedance of the DA6-2MKII is factory set to 20K ohms but may be changed to 600 ohms through the operation of internal links. Audio levels may be adjusted via the multi-turn trim pots located on the front panel.

Connection of unbalanced equipment requires pin 3 of the XLR connector to be strapped to pin 1 (pin numbers are generally moulded into both plugs and sockets). The unbalanced connections are then made to pin1/3 (ground) and pin 2 (signal).

Input impedance: Internally selectable 20k ohms or 600 ohms balanced Input: common-mode rejection: 60dB typical Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.2dB Phase shift: 20Hz <1° 20kHz<5° Noise: -100dB (RMS 30Hz to 15kHz) at unity gain - Ref + 8dBu output Distortion: (THD) + 8dBu output: 40Hz 0.006% - 1kHz 0.006% 10kHz 0.02% Output impedance: <1 ohm balanced and floating Minimum load: 600 ohms Gain range: adjustable up to 20dB gain and 10dB loss Max. input level: +28dBu Max. output level: +26dBu into 5k ohms +24dBu into 600 ohms 0dBu = 0.775 volts RMS Mains supply: 85-250V AC Power consumption: 20VA Case details: 1U 19" rack mounting, overall depth 165mm Shipping Weight: 1.95Kg
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