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The Alice 538 Lunchbox Stereo OPTO is a  compressor with a pedigree

  • Ted Fletcher’s historic opto compression design
  • Perfect ‘Hard-Wired’ by-pass for instant comparisons
  • Wide range ratios from gentle to brutal
  • Accurate UV compression metering on a real meter
  • Extreme stereo width control

The ‘538’ is designed for creative compression effects that are difficult to achieve with plug-ins. It’s capable of extreme compression just as Ted’s original Joe Meek SC2 V5; amazing drum sounds! It’s also super-quality ‘Levelling Amplifier’ with the sparkle of a well-designed opto compressor


The ‘538’ occupies two spaces in a standard API 500 series rack using ‘normal’ and ‘aux’ ins and outs for L and R

Inputs and Outputs

Left and Right balanced or unbalanced


Optical compression using historic opto cells from Ted Fletcher’s personal stock. Switchable hard-wired (relay) by-pass


Variable width control from full ‘mono’ via true L/R stereo up to 150% stereo width


Easy-to-read analogue meter reading audio (UV) or compression depth (comp)


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