AEQ Atrium

The AEQ Atrium was developed with the user in mind, it has a great simplicity of operation through a powerful set of touch screens, encoders, indicators and keys, which can be pre-configured, and dynamically adapt their function to the context, avoiding unnecessary steps, and maintaining the precise information always visible, so the operation is simple and safe.

AEQ ATRIUM has been designed taking advantage of the possibilities that technology provides at this day and age: AoIP systems allow the signal inputs and outputs, and the process or control elements, to be distributed in different equipment, sometimes physically very distant. This new mixer incorporates tools with the capacity to develop redundancy at all levels, the storage and instant recovery of snapshots, the convergence of physical and virtual control elements, the automatic mixing and level adjustments, the transport of control inputs and outputs to the different equipment in a system, etc. All these possibilities that the ATRIUM state-of-the-art technology offers, generate a new concept in which the sum of the different components develops a combined functionality far superior to that of each component separately.

Each ATRIUM control surface and its individual controls can be customized for any operation. Thus, classic workflows can be implemented, for example, each fader can have A / B configuration, or each channel has direct access to sending to pre-defined buses, or the two-way multiplex channels can be defined so that each user is allocated a mix-minus or N-1 channel. Users can also configure mixed or very special workflows with flexible programming of keys to act on the routing of the console, maybe controlling external equipment such as routers, audio codecs, telephony broadcasting systems, broadcast automation, or perhaps intercom systems; in definitive, adapting the console to each possible operational scenario.

Finally, ATRIUM’s great simplicity of configuration and integration within a system as already covered is not only restricted to the local production centre but reaches outside. It allows connecting with external events and remote production centres, enabling the creation of a multi-channel audio network as extensive as the user application may require.

• Multiple control surfaces: up to 6 control surfaces per audio engine. • Modular engine and control surface design. • Control surface size configurable from 6 to 96 physical faders, • 100mm, motorized, conductive plastic faders with capacitive touch sensor. • Internal sampling frequency: 48 kHz at 24 bits/sample. Internal 32 bit bus. • Time synchronization based on NTP protocol. External synchronization source via WORDCLOCK or AES 11. Synchronization can also be extracted from MADI, AEQ-multichannel, DANTE (PTPv1-2002) and (PTPv2- 2008. IEEE 1588), and RAVENNA (PTPv2- 2008. IEEE 1588) links. • Modular design allowing for the adjustment of the system’s inputs and outputs and to the requirement of each installation. Hot-swappable modules: the extraction of any part. • Automatic fail-over in case of DSP or controller card failure or extraction. • Redundant power supply. • AUTOMIX and AUTO-GAIN can be applied to any of the signals. • Startup configuration can be chosen between the last settings or default configuration. • Flexible logical signal grouping: mono, stereo and multichannel signals. • Independent control room and studio monitor management for each control surface. Primary and secondary headphones output for control room and studio. Physical output for control headphones in the control and monitoring module. • USB connection on the control surface. • Test tone generators with adjustable frequency and level, pink noise and white noise. • Opto-coupled GPI and relay-based GPO. Virtual GPIO


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