aea technology bravo mri 3000

AEA Technology Bravo MRI 3000

The AEA Technology Bravo MRI 3000 Analyser is an Ultra Low-Magnetic Network Analyser with frequency range of 100KHz to 450 MHz (0.1 T to 10 Tesla) that accurately measures Impedances from 0 to 2000 Ohms, Resistance, Impedance Angle, Q, X, Return Loss, and SWR.
The Bravo MRI 3000 can simultaneously provide graphical display for any two measurement parameters. The frequency sweep is plotted in the X axis, and independent left and right Y axis scales are user selectable. The Bravo’s portability and ability to function in proximity to magnetic fields make it the ideal test instrument for installing and servicing up to 10 Tesla MRI systems.

Included items:
Bravo MRI 3000 Analyser, N to BNC Adapter, Terminators BNC (short and load), 6 ft (1.83 m) USB Cable and 15ft (4.57 m) extension, Ac Adapter and extension, quick start guide and CD with operating manual, training PPT and MRI PC Vision™ software.
Optional Accessories
Kit Carrying Case Part No. 6015-1002 Large reinforced soft sided carrying case
NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate Part No. 6050-0700

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