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The AEA Technology 6021-5054 Avionics TDR and TDR Avionics Kit are designed specifically for testing and fault location on aircraft wiring. Both models have been upgraded to include military-grade RF shielding and explosion-proof TDRs. The Step TDR is ideal for troubleshooting all types of coax, twisted pairs, single-wires in a harness, and aircraft power cables. Whether testing a new harness for complete connections or ageing aircraft wiring this TDR will provide the most accurate trace of the cable’s impedance over the length and detect even the smallest faults. Both models include ETDR PC VisionTM software for trace documentation and new avionics training presentations. See reverse for complete details on each model.

Included items: Hard carrying case, Belt case, AC adapter, USB cable, basic guide, quick start guide, Calibration Certificate (with data), RJ45-to-RJ45 Cat5E cable, BNC(m)-to-BNC(f) 50Ohm coax cable, BNC-to-alligator Clips, Aircraft cable/connector leads BNC-to-Pins sizes 12,16,20, & 22, and BNC-to-Sockets sizes 12, 16, 20, and 22

  • Ranges: from 0-10ft (0-2m) to 20,000 ft (5Km)
  • No dead zone on any range setting
  • Range Zoom on Cursor
  • Impedance zoom using Z Scale
  • Cursor reading down to ± ½ inch (±8mm)
  • Cable List with up to 64 avionics cable types
  • BNC and RJ45 connectors standard
  • Setup Wizard – step-by-step start-up assistance
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Cell phone style alpha-numeric entry pad
  • Keypad LED indicators for active function
  • Cable toning – coax, pairs, or single-wires
  • Stores 32 traces with name, date & time
  • Rechargeable NiMH AA cells (included)
  • ETDR PC Vision software (included)
  • Kit Case is ATA rated and MIL-STD tested


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