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The ABE MTX Medium Power Transmitters series of medium power TV transmitters is the ultimate in technology, quality and performance, designed to achieve the benefits of digital modulation systems to generate analogue and digital emissions (DVB-T2, DVB-T / H, ISDB- T / Tb, ATSC and other standards).

The MTX series combines the extreme efficiency and reliability of the wide band LD-MOS amplifiers with state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Main advantages

  • Open platform to meet current and future needs
  • The Maximum in terms of technology, quality, performance and reliability
  • Low cost of capital, low management and maintenance costs
  • Full range of options and configurations to meet every need

The MTX Series of Low Power Transmitter – Transposer is a professional product line, suitable for the integration in both analog and digital TV transmission networks (DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ISDB-T/Tb and others, operating both MFN and SFN).

The equipment is fully contained in a single 19” rack drawer and is capable, with its internal RF power amplifier, to provide up to 800Wavg digital output (higher power on request) or 1500Wp.s. in analog mode.

Featuring modular construction – with easily removable modules/boards having RF internal isolation – the MTX series exploits the advantages of state of the art technological solutions to achieve high reliability and comprehensive system flexibility – all at reduced size.

The transmitter is equipped with a direct digital synthesis modulator with the possibility to select any output frequency in the operating frequency range with 1Hz resolution. For digital modulations, it is possible to equip the Transmitter with the adaptive non-linear precorrection module to automatically improve the MER. Also adaptive linear precorrection is available for specific configurations.

The GNSS receiver option, specifically developed for the timing function, provides time and frequency signals (1pps and 10MHz) necessary for the synchronization of the transmitter when operating in SFN Mode. This is a new concept Timing Reference GNSS Locked generator with unique special features, with proprietary algorithms, to prevent network de-synchronization and is also available in redundant configuration.

Maintenance as well as channel changing operations are simple and easy to perform. Careful product design brings high versatility, enhanced by the provision of specific options and giving compliance with major world digital and analog terrestrial TV broadcasting standards.

Power amplifiers are available both in AB class or Doherty broadband configurations featuring very high efficiency.


  • Multistandard analog modulation with digital processing (PAL/SECAM/NTSC B, G, D, I, K, K1, M and N standards supported
  • Multistandard digital modulation (DVB-T2, DVB-T/H, ISDB-T/Tb and other standard)
  • Embedded GNSS Receiver for SFN Networks
  • Wide choice of input interfaces: ASI, Ethernet for T.S. over IP, DVB-S/S2 Multistream receiver, Digital Terrestrial Receiver, analog Video/Audio
  • RF output: UHF, VHF Band I and Band III
  • Frequency Agile Direct Digital Synthesizer with 1Hz resolution
  • Adaptive precorrection option
  • Hot Pluggable Power Supply Modules
  • Hot Pluggable Power Amplifiers
  • High efficiency Broadband Amplifiers
  • High degree of operational reliability: single or dual drive, passive stand-by systems (1+1 or N+1), multiple power amplifier versions
  • User Friendly local and remote control includes on-board display, Web GUI, SNMP and e-mail client
Output frequency range VHF BI, BIII or UHF, according to the model Output impedance 50Ω Spurious, harmonics and out of channel IMD products ≤ -60dB (with RF output filter) Frequency stability (-5 to +45°C) ≥ ±250Hz; option: GNSS locked reference for better than 1Hz stability DIGITAL OPERATION SPECIFICATIONS Output power (before output filter) up to 800Wavg (tol.+0/-0.5dB) according to the model Transmission standard DVB-T/H; DVB-T2; ISDB-T/Tb; ATSC; other on request for detailed specifications see low power transmitters documentation Intermodulation products (shoulders before output filter) According to the model and output power typ. ≤38dB with reference to emission channel centre power density MER – Modulation Error Ratio According to the model and output power (typ. 36dB) Input interface options ASI - MPEG/DVB and BTS Transport Stream - 75Ω BNC Female Ethernet - MPEG TS over IP (as per Pro-MPEG CoP#3 release 2) DVB-S/S2 receiver - 950-2150MHz, all modulation schemes, code rates and rolloff factors, Multistream, PL scrambling decoding with gold code (CAM option) DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb receiver - VHF and UHF (CAM option) Input switching Automatic near-seamless switching between first and second priority. Option for seamless switching ANALOG OPERATION SPECIFICATIONS Output power (after output filter) up to 1.5KWp.s. (tol.+0/-0.5dB) according to the model Transmission standard B, G, D, H, I, K, K1, M or N - PAL, Secam and NTSC In band intermodulation products ≤-56dB (typ. ≤-60dB – Test: V.C. -8dB; S.C. -10dB; C.S. -16dB) Video input 1Vpp (75Ω BNC-f) – video processing include ALC and signal reconstruction Transmitted Video quality parameters Differential gain: within ≤±5% (typ. ≤±2%); Differential phase: ≤±3° (typ. ≤±1.5°) 2T K rating: ≤2% (typ. ≤1%); Random noise (weighted typical): ≤-60dB; Group delay response (V.C. to C.S.): Within ±40nS (typ. ≤±20nS) Amplitude / frequency response: (V.C. to C.S.): Within ±1dB (typ. ≤±0.2dB) Audio input 0dBm (adjustable) 600 Ω bal. / unbal. Audio options Stereo / dual sound IRT; BTSC and other on request Transmitted Audio quality parameters Amplitude / frequency response: ±1dB (typ. ±0.5dB); Harmonic distortion: ≤0.4% GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Power supply 176-264 Vac single phase. Other on request Remote control interface options RS485; Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (SNMP - web server) Remote firmware upgrade: supported Housing 19” rack chassis 3U or 5U, according to the model. Rack cabinet as option Operating temperature range -5 to +45°C Maximum operative humidity 90% non condensing
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ABE MTX Medium Power

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