2wcom mpx 1g

The 2WCOM MPX-1g 4audio  is an all-in-one RDS-encoder, stereo generator, AoIP / MPXoIP codec and FM / DAB rebroadcast receiver

The MPX-1g is designed for MPX generating. All components like stereo generator, RDS encoder or MPX over IP codec are flexible combinable, saving rack space and money. Furthermore, the devices are RDS2 and µMPX ready. In addition, all standards and protocols for Internet interoperability are supported.

Flexible in application: The MPX-1g enables assembling the whole MPX signal, including audio, pilot and RDS for high-quality 100% lossless transmission. If bandwidth economy is an issue the solution offers several opportunities starting at the stage of signal generation. It’s possible to create the MPX signal just including audio and pilot. In this case, RDS data is forwarded separately or is only assembled at the regional studio located at the transmitter site. In addition, broadcasters can choose to use µMPX for lower bandwidth IP connections and narrowband STL channels. Moreover, it is also possible to distribute the MPX signal via satellite by MPE encapsulation at the studio and by an optional satellite tuner available for 2wcom’s receiving units.

High compatibility: To connect the studio and the MPX link, inputs for analogue audio, AES/EBU and Audio over IP are provided (e.g. EBU TECH 3326, AES67, Ravenna, Livewire+, SMPTE ST 2110, PTPv2, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or FTPS ). The MPX-1g supports all common RDS Standards: UECP 7.05 compliant, CENELEC EN 50067. In addition, the solution is compatible with Arcos Config and Arcos Network and is also ready for RDS 2.0.

Saving bandwidth: A full FM-MPX signal needs approx. 3.5 Mbyte IP data capacity. In addition, we can sample the signal with lower resolution bandwidth. By enabling the µMPX mode, the MPX-1g will be able to reduce the bandwidth starting at 320 kbps.

Transmission robustness: The device provides 100% lossless audio encoding & decoding and uses Pro-MPEG FEC (Forward Error Correction) to reduce bit errors in the data stream. Furthermore, it provides dual streaming.

Smart management: The MPX-1g is fully configurable via a web interface or remotely via SNMPv2. In addition, the device offers real-time statistics and monitoring of FM, RDS, MPX parameters and live on-air monitoring at transmitter sites is possible by a build-in RDS decoder.

Rebroadcasting: The optional FM / DAB tuner allows MPX generation and regionalization even in hard to reach locations. The RDS content can be regionalized and all dynamic content is taken from the receiving RDS / DAB content. This receiving path can also be used as a backup solution.
FM MPX distribution
  • High-quality FM MPX distribution via IP
  • Optional: input source switch over in case of failure
  • High-end converter (ADC, DAC) for optimal quality
  • Optional: coder & decoder in the same equipment
  • Optional: fully integrated backup solution with automatic switch over in case of failure
  • Full online remote control of all parameters via IP
  • Configuration via web user interface for easy setup
  • Quick view status page for a fast overview
  • SNMP v2c, relays, inputs
  • 100% lossless audio encoding & decoding of MPX audio (mono, stereo) bands and RD(B)S-band
  • Pro-MPEG FEC (Forward Error Correction) to reduce bit errors in a data stream
  • Quality parameters via SNMP v2c and relay
  • FM demodulation with L+R XLR and headphone output
  • RDS monitoring and optional alarm control (PI, PS)
Sync FM
  • Prepared for synchronized FM transmission within FM single frequency networks (SFN)
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