2wcom c04

The 2WCOM C04 RDS encoder is comparable to the C02. The operation however is done via the software instead of manually. The TCP/IP-interface is optional and can be retrofitted what turns the C04 in a low-cost alternative solution. Simple configuration and operation via control software.

The 2wcom RDS Encoder C04 handily fulfills the needs of a TMC service provider such as NAVTEC or any other RDS broadcaster.

For this reason – please read the full story about >> 2wcom helps drive NAVTEC

The combination of a UECP – compliant encoder, easy network configuration and an unparalleled decoding and monitoring make the 2wcom C04 a market-leading RDS Encoder.

  • Fully compliant with RDS specification CENELEC and UECP 6.01 compliant
    • also EON, TMC, ODA, RP and EWS (Early Warning System)
  • Easy to use with:
    • control software ARCOS Config or
    • advanced Network structured Control Software ARCOS Network
  • Remote Control via RS232 or IP (UECP via TCP, SNMPv2c, SMTP)
  • The flexible programmable remote control interface
    • 12 optoisolated inputs, 11 relays outputs
  • Additional features like:
    • Programmable automation interface for easy integration in existing Studio software
    • Transparent RDS mode to easily transmit recorded RDS data or free designed RDS group data
    • Integrated RDS decoder to control directly the transmitted RDS data before they go “ON-AIR”
    • Advanced Scrolling PS
    • Programmable timer for automatic program switching
    • Optional: 5 independent TCP-Ports with different port numbers, an opportunity to operate 5 different services with one single encoder (e. g. TMC, RT+, Automation System, control software ARCOS Config, Early Warning, customized protocols like weather data etc.)
    • Optional: Automatic adjustment from daylight savings time to winter time and vice versa
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