2wcom a30

2wcom carries on with its very successful FM / RDS Monitoring program for broadcaster.
The new A30 FM Monitoring Receiver Decoder monitors all important “ON-AIR” FM and RDS parameter in your FM network. The double tuner concept allows you to monitor two different FM stations continuously or to control one station all the time and to scan up to
30 different FM radio stations successively as well.

The important FM-RDS parameter of a station can be set-up individually under the alarm settings. If a value does not comply with the pre-settings, an alarm can be forwarded via SNMP, e-mail or relay to a service centre. All the alarms can be stored into a log-file. If necessary you can generate a CSV-file for further processing. All alarm activities are being stored with time stamp, type of alert and the equivalent frequency into this file as a document for you.

Another option is the very precise MPX power and deviation measurement to avoid in getting any penalties in your country derived from overshooting of the allowed MPX level.

All RDS data, like Group data, ODA, TA, RT, RT+, AF lists and TMC data can be displayed by using the RDS Lab Software.

ISD -Intelligent Silence Detection – offers security in transmission with its active and passive “loop-through” feature of the analogue L-R / AES and the MPX signal.
The A30 detects loss of the main source and switches over to a backup source automatically. After the signal is back on the main source the former status will be restored again.

Listen to the audio from anywhere to every single FM station via mp3 live streaming.

Additionally the A30 can function as a backup Rebroadcast Receiver and as a
RDS-Databridge too. The embedded web server guarantees world wide access remotely.

In case of any FM/RDS-Transmission problems the A30 informs you first automatically before your audience does. It is just a good feeling to have an efficient and reliable FM-RDS Monitoring System available 24/7/365.

  • Twin Tuner Concept – carrying out real time measurements simultaneously
  • Scanmode: monitoring of 30 stations (Round Robin)
  • Bandscan of the complete FM-frequency spectrum for easy configuration
  • MPX Input: Decoding and processing of  a fed in MPX signal
  • ISD – Intelligent Silence Detection
  • 2 x MP3 Encoder – streaming of two audio channels
  • Display and configuration of all parameter via web interface
  • graphical representation of MPX measurements:
    • MPX deviation
    • MPX power
    • MPX peak deviation
    • RF level
    • SNR
    • Frequency offset
    • Multipath
    • Left and Right Level
  • RDS Decoding Software RDS Lab inclusive:
    • PI, PS, RT, TA/TP, ODA AIDs, CT UTC, PTY, Block Error Rate, RDS Deviation
    • TMC/TMC Pro-News in plain text
    • RT+ (e.g. song title, artist)
    • Group statistics
    • Group sequence
    • No RDS synch
    • AF lists
    • EON mit EON-AF
    • EWS
  • Generating alarm messages via: SNMP, Email, GPI, Log, LED
    • Active loop-through (for MPX and audio) (passive  loop-through in case of power failure)


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