Coaxial Dynamics 8200 (25-60MHz) Original price was: €125.Current price is: €115.
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Coaxial Dynamics 8200 (50-125MHz) Original price was: €125.Current price is: €115.

ECRESO Systems Solar

FM Rebroadcast transmitter

The ECRESO Systems Solar bringing Solar PV Powered FM Radio to Isolated off-grid communities


SKU: 103683

Original price was: €6,935.Current price is: €5,635.



Designed for areas with limited electrical infrastructure or for temporary installations, the SOLAR FM retransmitter can receive audio from a number of different sources such as its inbuilt satellite and FM receivers or analogue and AES inputs. A dedicated smartphone app provides full configuration capabilities and also enables daily scheduling of operations to make the best use of solar power when available and rely on the AC connection, when not.

Designed to be versatile, easy to mount, and highly resilient when operating in difficult environments, the SOLAR FM is supplied as a turnkey system with solar panel, FM antennas, satellite dish or antenna and the robust FM transmitter. A NiMH battery and built-in smart battery management system help optimize the amount of time a broadcaster can stay on the air.

  • Up to 10km coverage
  • Versatile audio sources
  • Hybrid Solar/AC power
  • Smart energy management
  • Control via dedicated mobile App
  • Remote monitoring ready
  • Runs on cost-free Solar power
  • Easy to install
  • Zero operational cost