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Work Pro EST 519/2

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Work Pro EST 519/2

Stress stabilizer

The Work Pro EST 519/2 maintains a constant output supply, as long as the input voltage supplied is in a range of 140 to 250 V with a maximum load of 22A. The need to maintain a stable mains supply, especially for equipment whose performance depends on it, makes this voltage regulator a valuable auxiliary device.  Ideal for powering studio mixers, amplifiers, and all transmission devices. An adjustable switch-on delay of 3 or 6 seconds prevents the presence of parasitic noise from the mains switch. It includes protection against a high input voltage level (255 V), over temperature, and excess output current (23 A). Allows you to adjust the output voltage between 1% and 3%.


  • Load 5000VA.
  • Control and regulation by microprocessor (MPU).
  • Large format LCD screen for reading data.
  • 4 rack units, 19 inches (ca. 48 cm).
Feeding 140V – 250V AC
output voltage 140V – 250V AC
connectors Input: 1 x IEC60309; Output: 1 × 110V/16A, 1 × 220V/16A (schuko), 1 x IEC60309
controls Power switch, Voltage selector, Delay selector. Precision selector.
Protections Over temperature (95 °C), High Input Level (255V), High Current Level (23A)
Maximum load 22 A
Accuracy Output voltage +/-3%
Indicators Display: Input voltage, Current, Output voltage, Delay indicator, Protection indicator
switchable delay 3 or 6 seconds
Dimensions 185 × 483 × 340 mm
Weight 15.50 kg