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Wisycom RTE25

3 Watt Transmitter/exciter

With the optimum sensitivity adjustment, the red LED [5] can flash under modulation peaks.

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Wisycom RTE25

3W Transmitter / Exciter

When it comes to audio equipment for the Broadcast, Live and Location sound industry, Wisycom design and produce impeccable solutions.

Sitting as one of the main players in this market, Wisycom draw upon more than 30 years of experience with RF technology to research, innovate and develop products that are trusted by sound engineers worldwide. 100% of Wisycom products are designed and made in Italy.


• Available in various ranges:
– 140 – 250 MHz,
– 300 – 360 MHz,
– 470 – 880 MHz.
• Wide pre-tuned switching-window:
– 15 MHz in 140 – 250 MHz range,
– 25 MHz in the above ranges.
• 16 switchable frequencies.
• Easy PC frequency-reprogramming by the user (in the pre-tuned switching-window).
• Friendly factory frequency re-allocation (in the whole working-range).
• Broadcast superlative quality of any audio-signal transposition.
• Suitable for very complex multichannel systems thanks to the very low noise and signal clearness.
• Very easy and friendly to operate.
• Exceptional sturdiness and absolute reliability.