TEM Log Periodic Antenna

230-470MHz STL Antenna

The TEM Log Periodic antennas are designed to work across a wide range of frequencies albeit with lower gain than a yagi design.

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TEM Log Periodic Antenna

Several Antenna system models and related accessories such as feeder cable, grounding kit, clamps, dehydrator, and others are available for Radio, TV, and Microwave applications.


  • Log-periodic Antenna – alumnus or Stainless steel
  • Directive radiation
  • Wideband 230 ÷ 470 MHz
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • WORKING BAND: 230÷470 MHz
  • GAIN: 6.0 dB
  • POLARIZATION: vertical (or horizontal)
  • IMPEDANCE: 50 Ohm unbalanced
  • LIGHTNING PROTECTION: all metal parts DC grounded, including inner conductors