Sonifex RM-CA2

Sonifex RM-CA2 confidence Monitor, 2 LED Meters & 2 Analogue Stereo Inputs

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Original price was: €995.Current price is: €950.
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Sonifex RM-CA2

Confidence Monitor, 2 LED Meters & 2 Analogue Stereo Inputs

Reference Monitor LogoUsing the same outstanding speaker system as the Reference Monitor range, the confidence monitors offer a superb sound with a cut-down feature set. The confidence monitors have been designed to give the best possible performance at a reduced price:

The RM-CA2 is a 1U rack-mount unit offering quality loudspeaker monitoring and 2 channel metering of two stereo analogue audio sources. Input 1 has stereo balanced Neutrik™ XLRs and Input 2 has both stereo balanced Neutrik™ XLRs and stereo unbalanced RCA phono connectors. The balanced analogue inputs can be wired unbalanced if required.

Sources are selected via a front panel push-button switch, with clear LED indication of the current source.

A rear panel DIP switch setting allows the unit to monitor either:

  • Stereo signals, with the two front panel control knobs acting as stereo volume and balance control, to alter the stereo imaging of the left and right channels, or
  • Dual mono signals, with the two front panel control knobs acting as left and right volume controls.

There is a front panel headphone socket which responds to the volume controls
and the headphone socket automatically mutes the internal loudspeakers when a plug is inserted.

A pair of line-level analogue audio outputs follow the selected source at the selected level, or optionally at 10dB lower (if using the unbalanced input), set via rear-panel DIP switch.

The level of the chosen source is shown on an 8 segment LED bar-graph display with PPM and VU scales indicated. The bar-graph can optionally be lowered by 10dB (if using the unbalanced input), set via rear-panel DIP switch.

A single phase meter LED indicates channel correlation or phase error conditions.

The three-way loudspeaker system is fed via a DSP-based active crossover and a trio of highly efficient Class-D amplifiers. Careful attention to driver selection, materials and case design, plus active DSP equalisation, has ensured a flat response and outstanding reproduction from such a shallow unit. A protective limiter prevents damage to the loudspeakers under overload conditions

The RM-CA2 operates from global mains voltages (85-264V AC, 47-63Hz) without adjustment and can optionally be ordered with a DC 9V to 36V input instead of the AC input.


  • Anti-vibration steel case.
  • Sealed lid with foam cut-outs to dampen lid.
  • Multipoint screw fixings ensure lid rigidity.
  • Rear connector ports sealed with foam.
  • Glue used on components which could move, or vibrate.
  • Accurate 3-way speaker system.
  • Two mid/high frequency speakers provide excellent stereo imaging.
  • Separately driven, forward facing, dual magnet, mono bass driver.
  • Custom-moulded, profiled, HF enclosures minimise standing waves.
  • Acoustic damping in the HF enclosures reduces colouration.
  • Separate, sealed, infinite-baffle enclosure for each driver.
  • Magnetically shielded drivers so that the monitors are perfectly safe to use near CRTs and TFT displays.
  • Separate, highly efficient class-D switching amplifier for each speaker.
  • Short, even cable lengths to and from the speaker enclosures to reduce any potential microphonic induction.
  • DSP based design allows better audio performance to be realised.
  • Active crossover provides perfect separation between mid-range and bass sounds.
  • A universal power supply ensures global voltage operation without adjustment.
  • Optional DC power input.

Technical Specification For RM-CA2


Audio Inputs 2 x stereo analogue (1 x XLR balanced,
1 x XLR balanced or RCA phono unbal)
Max level (0dB input gain): +18dBu (analogue)/0dBFS (digital)
CMRR: >60dB typical
Analogue input impedances: XLR:>20 kΩ balanced bridging
RCA:>10 Ω unbalanced
Input Gain: +10dB on unbalanced input
Selection: Front panel push button with indicator LEDs

Line Level Outputs

Audio Outputs: 1 x stereo analogue
Gain re Selected Input: Unity or – 10dB (switchable)
Maximum Output Level: +18dB
Output Impedance: <50 Ω
Distortion: <0.02% (1kHz, +8dBu output)
Noise: -95dB RMS, unity gain ref
+8dBu output
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +0/-0.5dB
1kHz input:
10kHz input:
Analogue I/O, ref 0dBu


Configuration: Three-way with stereo mid/ high-frequency drivers & mono low-frequency driver
Power Output: 2 × 7W (HF) + 15W (LF) with protective limiter
Crossover: 250Hz (24dB/octave, Linkwitz-Riley)
Distortion (HF Outputs): < 0.1% (1kHz, 3W output)
Distortion (LF Output): < 0.01% (100Hz, 6W output)
Noise: More than 102dB below full output
Volume: Mute to full volume via front panel rotary control
Balance Trim: ±6dB via front panel rotary control
Peak Acoustic Level: 98dB SPL @ 2ft

Level & Phase Metering

Number: 2 x 8-segment LED bargraphs
Line-Up Level: 0dB on scale can be set to 0dB or -10dB via rear panel DIP switch
Phase Meter: Single LED indication showing average


Audio Inputs: 4 x XLR 3-pin female balanced
2 x RCA female phono unbalanced
Audio Outputs: 2 x XLR 3-pin male (balanced, may be unbalanced)
Headphones: 1/4” (6.35 mm) A-gauge 3-pole stereo jack socket
Mains Input: Filtered 3-pin IEC male, continuously rated 85 – 264VAC, 47 – 63Hz, fused, 60W peak, 30W average
Fuse Rating: Anti-surge fuse 2A 20 x 5 mm

Equipment Type

RM-CA2: Confidence Monitor, 2 LED meters, 2 Analogue stereo inputs
RM-CA2-DC: Confidence Monitor, 2 LED meters, 2 Analogue stereo inputs, DC supply

Physical Specification

Dimensions (Raw): 48 cm (W) x 27 cm (D) x 4.4 cm (H) (1U)
19” (W) x 12” (D) x 1.73” (H) (1U)
Dimensions (Boxed): 57 cm (W) x 52 cm (D) x15cm (H)
22.4” (W) x 20.5” (D) x 5.9” (H)
Weight: Nett: 4.5 kg Gross: 6 kg
Nett: 10lb   Gross: 13.2lb