Sonifex HY-03

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Original price was: €920.Current price is: €875.
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Sonifex HY-03

Telephone Hybrid

<HY-03 logoThe analogue HY-03 telephone hybrid is the replacement for the HY-02, which for many years has set the standard as an excellent value, high quality telephone hybrid.

The HY-03 retains many of the features of the HY-02 and adds some additional ones. Some features of the HY-03 include :

  • Fully automatic – adapts to varying line conditions and has automatic signal limiting.
  • Local and remote line hold switching – calls can be remotely switched through a mixing console.
  • Momentary or permanent latching remotes can be enabled.
  • Balanced mic/line input – 10k ohm balanced input selectable for 0dBu clean feed line, or microphone level with adjustable gain.
  • Balanced output – 0dBu low impedance balanced output, with output gain adjustment.
  • Mixed output – the output can be a mix of the caller and mic/line input signals for recording both sides of the telephone conversation.
  • Integrated ring detector – automatic call answering after a pre-determined number of rings.
  • Fitted with K-break disconnect detection as standard, with an option for dial-tone disconnect using the optional HY-03DTD board. The HY-03DTD board can be configured to disconnect on recognizing the dial tone used in a specific country.
  • Line limiter, bandpass filter and output noise gate with preset threshold providing low distortion crystal clear audio.
  • 28dB typical line balance rejection.
  • Built in power supply with switchable 115V, or 230V, mains input.
  • BABT approval compliant with European PTT specifications.

Which Format Is Most Suitable?

The HY-03 analogue hybrids are available in three models :

  • HY-03 Single freestanding automatic analogue TBU.
  • HY-03S Single 19” rack mounted automatic analogue TBU with ringing detector.
  • HY-03T Twin 19” rack mounted automatic analogue TBU.

Technical Specification For HY-03

Audio Specification

Input Impedance – Line Mode (Clean Feed): 10 kΩ balanced 0dB
Input Impedance – Microphone Mode: 2 kΩ balanced
Clean Feed Limiting Input: +4dBu
Microphone Level Range: From 74dB to 40dB, adjusted by preset pot
Bandwidth to Telephone Line: 250Hz – 4kHz, -3dB ref 1kHz
Telephone Line Impedance: Nominally 600 Ω
Telephone Line Impedance Range: 300 Ω to 1500 Ω
Output Impedance: 50 Ω balanced floating 0dBu
Output Level Range: +8dB to -14dB adjusted by preset pot
Rejection Ratio: 45dB on 1kHz tone, typically 28dB on complex waveforms, reference peak level of 0dB
Ring Detector Sensitivity: 1 ring to 6 rings
Power: 230V 50Hz, or 115V 60Hz. 6W for HY-03.


Mic/Line Input: XLR 3 pin female with push button mic/line selection
Line Output: XLR 3 pin male
Telephone Line: RJ11 6/4 socket
Telephone Handset/Instrument: RJ11 6/4 socket
Remotes: 9-way D-type socket
Power: IEC mains (CEE22)
Each unit is supplied with 1 x RJ11 to RJ11 telephone line lead, 1 x RJ11 to BT plug telephone line lead, 1 x BT handset socket to RJ11 plug adapter, IEC mains lead fitted with moulded mains plug, handbook and warranty card.
Order Code Description
Total Nett
Total Gross Weight
HY-03 Automatic analogue TBU, freestanding
4.5 cm
21.8 cm
17.5 cm
1.25 kg
2.0 kg
HY-03 boxed
6 cm
34 cm
27 cm
*Depth is measured from the front to the end of the connectors fitted to the back of the unit.
Note: If you are ordering the HY-03 for use in the USA, add the word “US” after the product code. If you are using the HY-03 with the Broadcast Bionics PhoneBox system, then add the word ”BB” after the product code. The HY-03 uses different circuitry for these systems.


Order Code Description
HY-03DTD Dial tone detect add-on board
HY-03CON Front panel conversion kit, HY-03S 19” (48 cm) rack-mount front to HY-03 freestanding
HY-03SCON Front panel conversion kit, HY-03 freestanding to HY-03S 19” (48 cm) rack-mount front
HY-03TCON Front panel conversion kit, HY-03 or HY-03S, to HY-03T 19” (49 cm) rack-mount front
HY-02EC Eurocard version of HY-02 analogue TBU (non RoHS)