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Sonifex AVN-CU4

Configurable Dante Commentary Unit for 4 Commentators

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Sonifex AVN-CU4 Configurable Dante Commentary Unit for 4 Commentators


The Sonifex AVN-CU4 is a portable and configurable commentator unit designed for use by up to four commentators. It supports Dante® AoIP (Audio over IP) and 4-wire connections, offering extensive flexibility and redundancy. This unit is a dual version of the AVN-CU2, providing additional inputs and controls to handle a wide range of commentary situations.

Key Features

  • Inputs and Outputs:
    • 4 mic/line inputs with adjustable gain and +48V phantom power
    • 4 stereo headphone outputs with locking jack sockets
    • 4 analogue line inputs (XLR), 6 analogue line outputs (XLR), and RJ45 AES3 stereo input/output
  • Networking and Power:
    • Dual redundant Dante networking
    • Multiple power options: AC mains, DC, and PoE
    • Dual PoE+ ports with Neutrik EtherCON® connectors and SFP cages for fiber runs
  • Controls:
    • 48 rotary encoders for various functions (inputs, outputs, cross-points)
    • Configurable buttons and encoders that can be locked for simpler operation
    • Built-in web GUI for detailed configuration and remote control
  • Display and Indicators:
    • Two TFT color displays for metering and control
    • Illuminated Sonifex logo for power indication
    • LEDs for network clock status, AoIP link status, and power status

Comparison with AVN-CU2

The AVN-Cu4 includes all the features of the AVN-CU2 but adds:

  • Two displays and twice the number of operational controls
  • 4 On-air buttons, 4 Page buttons, 4 Cough buttons, 8 Talkback buttons, and 3 User buttons
  • Up to 48 rotary encoder positions

Detailed Description

  • Configurable and Flexible:
    • Configurable via web GUI and Dante Controller
    • Inputs and outputs can be freely mixed and routed
    • Controls are assignable and lockable for different usage scenarios
  • Rugged and Intuitive Design:
    • Designed for user-friendly operation in various commentary setups
    • Durable construction suitable for portable use
  • Advanced Features:
    • Up to 16 input and output AoIP channels, 16 streams
    • Adjustable gain, metering, and panning
    • Dual redundant network ports and PoE+ support for power and data redundancy
    • GPIO and VGPIO for event triggers and automation

Technical Specifications

  • Network and AoIP:
    • Dante AoIP standard, 16 receive/transmit channels, 48kHz sample rate
    • AES67 support, Dante Domain Manager ready
  • Mic/Line Inputs:
    • Mic Mode: 2.5kΩ impedance, 0dB to 60dB gain
    • Line Mode: >10kΩ impedance, selectable 0dBFS lineup
  • Analogue and Digital I/O:
    • Line inputs: >20kΩ impedance, selectable 0dBFS lineup
    • Line outputs: <50Ω impedance, selectable 0dBFS lineup
    • Digital input/output: 110Ω impedance, multiple sample rates supported
  • Headphone Outputs:
    • 150mW into 32Ω to 600Ω, fixed 0dBFS = +18dBu
  • Operational Controls:
    • 24 illuminated buttons, 12 rotary encoders
    • Two 480 x 107 pixel TFT displays
    • Status LEDs for power and connectivity
  • Connections:
    • Front panel: 4 Neutrik ¼” (6.35mm) locking jack sockets, 4 Neutrik XLR sockets
    • Rear panel: RJ45 for digital I/O, 4 XLR for line inputs, 6 XLR for line outputs, 15-way D-type for GPIO, 2 EtherCON for network, 2 SFP slots for fiber, 4 pin XLR for DC input, IEC for mains input
  • Power:
    • 802.3at Type 2 PoE+, DC input (12V), AC mains input
  • Physical Dimensions:
    • Unit: 25.7cm x 22.9cm x 9.2cm (max height)
    • Boxed: 37cm x 35.5cm x 19cm
  • Accessories:
    • AVN-DCX60: DC power supply, 60W
    • CM-TC1: Commentary transport case


The Sonifex AVN-CU4 is a robust and versatile commentary unit designed for professional broadcasting environments. It offers comprehensive input/output options, redundant networking, and extensive configurability, making it suitable for a wide range of commentary scenarios.