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Solidyne VA-16X

FM Modulation Monitor Analyzer

The Solidyne VA-16X provides detailed information about modulation, noise, channel separation, field strength, etc.

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The Solidyne VA-16X is a digital modulation and audio quality monitor designed for FM broadcasting. It offers a comprehensive set of features for monitoring and controlling radio station parameters, ensuring high-quality audio transmission and compliance with regulations. Here’s an overview of its key features and capabilities:

  1. RDS Subcarrier Measurement: The VA-16X now includes the ability to measure RDS (Radio Data System) subcarrier level and frequency error, providing additional insights into the RDS signal.
  2. Balanced Audio Outputs: It features balanced audio outputs with ultra-low distortion stereo decoding, ensuring high-quality audio monitoring.
  3. Audio Quality Monitoring: The VA-16X provides high-quality audio monitoring with a frequency response of 20-15,000 Hz for reference monitoring.
  4. MPX Input and Output: It includes MPX (Multiplex) input and output for connecting external analyzers or for retransmission in repeaters, allowing for analysis and monitoring of audio processors.
  5. Integrated Power Measurement: The monitor can measure the effective radiated power of audio processors and provides integrated measurement of the total radiated power over one hour to evaluate processor efficiency.
  6. Graphical Display: It offers graphical displays of total radiated power over time and instantaneous peak modulation levels, with user-defined time constants.
  7. Remote Monitoring: The VA-16X can be remotely controlled and monitored from anywhere, allowing broadcasters to continuously monitor their stations without interrupting transmissions.
  8. Comprehensive Parameter Measurement: It measures and displays various parameters including modulation levels, noise level, channel separation, stereo phase vector, distortion, RF power, and more.
  9. Spectral Analysis: It features spectral analysis tools such as spectral zoom analyzer and 3D spectrum graphics to evaluate transmitter and antenna performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and identify interference from other transmissions.
  10. Multi-Model Options: The VA-16X is available in different models including rack-mountable, LCD display, and portable versions, catering to various installation and operational preferences.
  11. Optional Features: Optional features include crystal calibrator for precise modulation measurements, Ethernet network connectivity for remote management, audio recording capability, and CD-quality audio streaming for remote monitoring.
  12. Remote Monitoring and Measurement: With the VA16X/IP option, broadcasters can remotely measure audio quality and RF parameters of FM stations from anywhere in the world, enabling comprehensive monitoring and control of station operations.

Overall, the Solidyne VA-16X offers broadcasters advanced tools for monitoring and optimizing FM broadcasting parameters, ensuring high-quality audio transmission and regulatory compliance, while also providing remote monitoring and control capabilities for enhanced operational efficiency.