Solidyne VA-16X

FM Modulation Monitor Analyzer

The Solidyne VA-16X provides detailed information about modulation, noise, channel separation, field strength, etc.

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Solidyne VA-16X

FM Modulation Monitor

The Solidyne VA-16X is another important contribution to improving broadcasting sound quality. A revolutionary digital measurement system. Never before have been possible to have such complete information about the behaviour of an FM radio station. And what’s more significant: you obtain data from its Radio continuously, without stopping the transmission to make “technical adjustments”. And your audience never becomes aware that you are taking measurements and engineering controls.

The audio quality, power, and reach of the radio are monitored 24 hours a day.
From your office in the Radio studios, or at the PC of your own home.
It also checks the efficiency of your operators and engineers. 

The system installs in a minute, without opening the PC, it connects via USB or RS232 port. Operates simultaneously with normal office software (under Windows 2000/XP/Win7Using DSP processing and advanced technologies, the VA16X provides detailed information about the modulation, noise, channel separation, field strength, and so on. Even parameters that you could never get (but the ears of your listeners hear) are now measured with the VA16X. For example, the Stereo Phase Vector, frequency response, noise, audio distortion, or the efficiency of your processing chain (RF Power). All are available on the PC screen.

Data can be stored for months only to be printed in colour. It is also possible monitoring remote radio stations with VA16X, from any place in the world.