Solidyne RDS-100

RDS Encoder

The Solidyne RDS-100 includes text messages for listener services and announcements from your radio.

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Solidyne RDS-100

The Solidyne RDS-100 (Radio Data System) technology is native to Europe, where all radios today own it. Today it is extended to the rest of the countries of the world. This provides opportunities for entrepreneurial radios to add a system that increases the tuning of the audience from their cars.

The RDS system allows you to send information manually or automatically to the listener that is read on the display of the car radio or your home. Almost all cars come from the factory with receivers with RDS.Solidyne produces the RDS-100 encoder and the 542 processor with RDS included that can be managed with their own software or automatically from the Audicom or playout software to air the data of each song that is heard.

The RDS coding works on a subcarrier of 57 kHz that allows sending texts to the radio receivers. It also allows you to send the frequencies of other stations so that when you reach the limit of your range, the receiver automatically tunes to another station in the same network. Interesting, right?

It also issues texts to activate luminous advertising signs in the city or the route. Many new applications are possible with the RDS

Its connection to an FM transmitter is very simple, and it is done in minutes.