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Solidyne MX2100

4-CH USB Digital Mini Mixer

The Solidyne MB2100 is the world only portable console that includes:
Digital USB in-out // Equalization VQR // Audio Compressor + AGC // Bluetooth

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Solidyne MX2100 Digital Audio Console – Portable Mini USB Console

Meta Description: Explore the Solidyne MX2100 digital audio console, a portable mini USB console revolutionizing outdoor transmission. Exported to 60 countries, this console offers cutting-edge features like audio compression, digital USB connectivity, Bluetooth communication, and more.

Body: Unlock the potential of outdoor transmission with the Solidyne MX2100 Digital Audio Console. This portable mini USB console represents a technological revolution in the industry and is exported to 60 countries worldwide.

Featuring a compact design and weighing just 600 grams, the MX2100 is the only portable console on the global market that offers an array of advanced features, including:

  • Audio compressor with AGC for precise output level maintenance.
  • Digital USB input/output connection for seamless connectivity.
  • Equalization optimized for use with VQR, ensuring high-quality audio.
  • Bluetooth communication for easy integration with cell phones.

With the MX2100, outdoor broadcasting becomes effortless. It operates in full duplex, allowing for the simultaneous transmission and return of studies. The console includes amplifiers for use with three headphones and accommodates four microphone inputs, including three external dynamic MICs and one internal MIC for quick reports. Thanks to its innovative technology, including non-saturable preamplifiers, even the loudest sound won’t compromise audio quality.

Solidyne understands the importance of staying connected in the modern world. That’s why the MX2100 features Bluetooth 4.0/5.0 connectivity, enabling seamless communication with smartphones. Whether it’s through WhatsApp, Skype, or Linphone, connecting with studios for real-time reporting is simple and free of charge.

Moreover, the MX2100 offers a direct digital connection via USB to a notebook, facilitating internet transmission using a 4G/5G modem. With no additional studio equipment required, outdoor broadcasts seamlessly enter any PC in your studios as streaming content.

The console’s versatility extends to its connectivity options, with auto-routing capabilities to eliminate operation errors. Whether you’re broadcasting from a stadium or a musical show, the MX2100 efficiently handles even the most complex outdoor broadcasts.

Engineered for simplicity and efficiency, the MX2100 truly is a “little giant” in the world of digital audio consoles. With its compact size, advanced features, and user-friendly operation, it’s the perfect companion for outdoor broadcasting, providing unparalleled sound quality and connectivity. Say goodbye to traditional bulky consoles and embrace the future of outdoor transmission with the Solidyne MX2100.