Solidyne HL203VQ

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Solidyne HL203VQ

Hybrid telephone systems and VQR | HL 203 VQR technology

You will be a leader in mobile transmissions


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VQR technology is an invention of Solidyne allowing restoration
that allows to reconstruct the original sound of the human voice, adding
frequencies lost in telephone or cellular transmission.

The VQR works by analysing the sound transmitted through a cell phone or telephone line to find, within the reduced transmitted band, the traces of low frequencies that have been eliminated when passing through the telephone line. Solidyne engineers have found a way to detect this faint signal trace with a method similar to that used by astronomers to determine the elements of a star by its light spectrum.

The high frequency components (treble) are also found to reconstruct all the original sound between 50-12,000 Hz.

The HL203 includes a three-line Hybrid, prior to the VQR system, to enable the management of two telephone lines and a cell phone connected wirelessly by Bluetooth, in conference, with cross-gain between them to allow excellent and comfortable communication. It also allows the direct entry of cell phones instead of landlines, making it possible to easily communicate with your audience through cell phones, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

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The HL203 connects a cell phone without using cables using a Bluetooth 4.0 link. This way you don’t need to make tedious connections by hand.
You do not even need to touch the cell phone, because the calls are attended by pressing a button at the HL203. You can keep the conversation in private (Hold mode with Cue) and sent into the air by pressing ON-AIR.

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But if you need to connect more cell phones, you can also do it through cables and the 3.5 mm TRRS type connector of your cell phone, entering them instead of the telephone lines. It is then possible to have up to 3 cell phones on the air in conference.

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VQR section of HL203 is connected by pressing a button.
VQR technology is the only one on the world market that offers zero latency (that is, it has NO delay)
zero-latency (HAS NO DELAY) with a near-digital audio quality.

Three controls to adjust the level of quality desired. Let’s see your action:

GATE: Eliminates background noise and provides the same dynamic range as an expensive studio microphone

BASS: restoration of the 50 – 300 Hz band. It is based on the vocal cord formant theory
that allows to restore the low frequency lost at the phone line.
It is NOT an equalizer, but a spectral re-constructor.

TREBLE: Using the signal received from
the phone line, the VQR synthesizes the lost treble range
of the human voice.

The HL203 replaces in your radio a
conventional hybrid


Cell phones are connected via a digital
Bluetooth 4.0 range 30 – 8,000 Hz
This allows an audio quality much higher than today
get with an analog cable connection.

The reconstruction of the audio signal quality the radio audience believes that the sound is generated in Studios due to the VQR audio reconstruction, unlike other technologies, has no latency (Delay).

It allows for comfortable interviews from studio to remote.

The HL203 is expandable like a Meccano

HL202 units can be added to bring 5 lines
and up to 7 lines, all with VQR

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HL203 can connect to one or two units HL202 to expand the number of lines.
A flat cable LINK at the rear panel allows future enhancements.

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Telephone hybrid system with VQR
Voice Quality Restoration

This new technology, exclusive of Solidyne allows something impossible until yesterday: Reconstruct the quality
of the human voice to obtain 50-12.000 Hz equivalent response via a telephone or cell line, even when a common telephone generates the voice!