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Solidyne HL202

Telephone Hybrid

The Solidyne HL202 hybrid controls two telephone or cell phone lines.

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The Solidyne HL202 is a series of telephone hybrids designed for broadcasting applications, featuring advanced technology to ensure high-quality audio transmission over telephone and cellular lines. Here are the key features and specifications of the HL202 series:

  1. Line Configuration: The HL202 series offers options for 2, 4, or 6 telephone or cell phone lines. Multiple HL202 units can be grouped together to handle additional lines.
  2. Audio Quality: These telephone hybrids are designed to provide excellent audio quality, with audio limiters, compressors, and band-pass filters to automatically adjust levels and prevent saturation of telephone lines. The rejection exceeds 40 dB, ensuring clear and crisp audio transmission.
  3. Operation: The HL202 hybrids are operated with only three buttons, making them user-friendly and easy to operate for broadcasting professionals. They can be integrated with any console model, offering flexibility in studio setups.
  4. Remote Connectivity: The hybrids allow for remote connectivity with options for connecting via landline telephone lines or cell phones, using hands-free cables. They automatically configure themselves to operate in either 2-wire (TF line) or 4-wire (cellular) mode based on the input source.
  5. Monitoring: Operators can monitor waiting lines (Hold) by connecting active PC speakers to the CUE monitor output, enabling them to listen to telephone or cellular lines when they are on hold.
  6. Key Features:
    • Balanced and floating telephone connections to cancel hums.
    • Lightning protection with SIOV technology.
    • Reflective illuminated keypads for easy operation in any lighting conditions.
    • Removable sides for flexible usage options, including table or rack mounting.
  7. VQR System: The HL202 hybrids can be used in conjunction with the Voice Quality Restoration (VQR) system, an exclusive technology from Solidyne. The VQR system reconstructs the quality of the human voice to obtain a response at frequencies equivalent to 50-12,000 Hz, even over common telephone or cell phone lines.
  8. Accessories and Options: The HL202 hybrids come with various accessories and optional features, including external VoIP to FXS adapters for converting terrestrial telephone inputs to AoIP connections for internet communications with SIP protocol.

Overall, the Solidyne HL202 series offers reliable and high-performance telephone hybrids for broadcasting applications, ensuring clear and professional audio transmission over telephone and cellular lines.