Solidyne DX822

Digital 16-channel console with option AoIP

The Solidyne DX822 offer digital and analogue inputs with balanced outputs that cover all the needs of modern studios of Radio, Production, News and TV channels.


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Solidyne DX822

The DX822 consoles offers balanced digital and analogue inputs and outputs that cover all the needs of modern radio studios, production, News and TV channels

The attenuators are made of ceramic conductive for 15 years and have ETM-VCA control that avoids the possibility of noise. It also includes 3 conference telephone hybrids operated by luminous keypads. One of them operates cell phones via Bluetooth 4.0 wirelessly.

The console has independent stereo outputs for Air and Recordings and 5 monitored channels, allowing you do two tasks at the same time.

The 10 microphone inputs have a 4 band equalizer switchable to PGM or REC specially designed for voice. Your announcers will have that richsound of the more expensive consoles, which will enhance your sound output.

Five dynamic microphones are operated on the DX822 from three attenuators. Or three capacitor MIC with 48V phantom power.

The console offers GPIO outputs for MIC and Line. A Master MIC button on the panel sends all MICs on the air.  A Tally Light that shows that the console is AIR.

The control section indicates the number of digital channels used, which can reach 8 channels with the two USB inputs / outputs connected.  At the bottom is the action of the audio compressor that levels the sound of all the microphones.

This exclusive device of the console’s Solidyne allows to level automatically, without using the attenuators, the intensity of sound of each of the speakers ensuring that all of them can be heard in the air in a natural and perfect.

Solidyne consoles are the only ones in the world to offer the new 15-year Conductive Ceramic attenuator technology.

The two USB inputs of the DX822 allow a direct connection to one or two PC computers, without the need to use audio boards and with a sound quality superior to that of the most expensive plates. It allows you to play music from the automation software and trigger its warnings or sound effects by simply opening the attenuator. It also allows direct connection to Skype and other free programs to communicate in conference and at no cost to everyone with digital sound quality.

An advanced 5 channel monitoring panel allows the independent management of 4 independent stereo outputs for: control monitor, control headphones, studio monitor and studio headphones

The console includes a mini-telephone exchange so that the operator or journalist can handle line assistance without help. Incoming calls produce the blinking blue buttons. Pressing the button changes to red and attends the line in private and can converse hands-free with the operator.

Up to the attenuator the line is placed on the air in a conference of up to three simultaneous lines.  Everything is automatic due to its control logic.

The hybrid operates both in PGM and in the recording channel. It incorporates THREE phone hybrids operated with 3-color illuminated keypads. The two fixed lines indicate call in blue, turning red when going on the air. The cell phone line is wirelessly operated by Bluetooth with digital audio connection to the console, achieving excellent sound on the air.

The DX822 is connected with standard connectors, but also incorporates the RJ45 standard. The use of the advanced connection system with RJ45 shielded cables, compatible with StudioHUB, simplifies the connection between Solidyne products and other modern brands.


AoIP Option for D612, DX816 & 822
adds 4/8 AoIP channels. Connection between studios or transmission site (select quantity of 2 for 8 channels)
CAM Option
Option for TV camera switching using the MIC sound level
AES Option
Two digital AES-3 Outs (PGM & REC) in DX816 & DX822 consoles
HD3 Box
Distributor of 3 headphones + Air Light + Speaker level + Dual listening channel + Intercom with operator You
can connect up to 3 x HD3 to the console. Includes 5 meter RJ45 cable.
HD5-Studio Box
Distributor of 5 headphones + Air Light + Speaker level + Dual listening channel + Intercom with operator + Clock + Timer of time in the air.
Up to 2 x HD5 can be connected to the console. Includes 5 meter RJ45 cable.
Full harness of cable and connectors set to install DX 816 and 822
Tally Light
Tally Light, On-Air red light with 70 mm high letters. 12V, 70mA
AES Option
Two digital AES-3 Outs (PGM & REC) in DX816 & DX822 consoles