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Solidyne DX822

Digital 16-channel console with option AoIP

The Solidyne DX822 offer digital and analogue inputs with balanced outputs that cover all the needs of modern studios of Radio, Production, News and TV channels.


Original price was: €4,345.Current price is: €4,135.

Original price was: €4,345.Current price is: €4,135.
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The Solidyne DX822 is a 16-channel digital console designed for radio broadcasting with advanced features aimed at enhancing studio operations and ensuring high-quality audio production. Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications and functionalities:

  1. Channel Configuration: The DX822 features 16 channels, including 10 microphone channels and 6 stereo line channels. It supports various input sources such as microphones, stereo digital inputs via USB, and telephone lines.
  2. Microphone Inputs: It accommodates up to 10 balanced microphone inputs (5 in the DX816 model), with switchable 48V phantom power for condenser microphones. Each microphone input includes a 4-band equalizer switchable to program (PGM) or recording (REC) channels, allowing for customized sound shaping.
  3. Digital Connectivity: The console offers two stereo digital inputs and outputs via USB, facilitating direct connection to PC computers for audio playback and recording. This eliminates the need for audio cards and ensures superior sound quality.
  4. Telephone Hybrids: The DX822 includes a mini telephone call center with three Telco entries, supporting two telephone lines and a cell phone with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This feature enables conference calls via WhatsApp and seamless integration of telephone conversations into broadcasts.
  5. Professional Controls: It features professional-grade long-life illuminated keypads for intuitive operation, along with precision LED VU meters and compression level indicators for precise monitoring and audio level control.
  6. Master Control: The console includes a master microphone button that enables simultaneous control of all microphone channels, facilitating smooth transitions between different microphone sources during broadcasts.
  7. Optional Features: Optional features include an AoIP (Audio over IP) option for adding 4/8 AoIP channels, AES option for two AES3/SPDIF digital outputs, and CAM option for USB output for automatic switching of video cameras in Visual Radio.
  8. Remote Connectivity: The AoIP option allows for seamless connection between studios or transmission plants over the internet, ensuring CD-quality audio transmission and facilitating remote broadcasting operations.
  9. Advanced Monitoring: The console includes a 5-channel monitoring panel for independent management of stereo outputs, headphones control, studio monitor, and studio headphones, enabling efficient multitasking during broadcasts.
  10. Modular Design: The electronics, keypads, and controls are mounted in modular plug-in modules, allowing for easy maintenance and quick replacement. This modular design simplifies troubleshooting and ensures minimal downtime.
  11. Accessories and Options: The DX822 comes with various accessories and optional features, including cables, LED air lights, headphone distributors, and additional connectivity options such as AoIP and AES, providing flexibility and customization according to specific broadcasting needs.

Overall, the Solidyne DX822 offers a comprehensive solution for radio broadcasting studios, combining advanced digital technology, intuitive controls, and modular design for reliable and high-quality audio production.