Solidyne DX816

Digital Console

The Solidyne DX816 is a digital console with lower cost in the international market, offering digital USB In/outs, balanced analog in/outs and 3 hybrid inputs covering all the needs for small to medium size radio studios.

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Solidyne DX816

Solidyne DX816 12 channels digital On-Air console with AoIP option

The DX 816 mixers offers balanced digital and analogue inputs and outputs that cover all the needs of modern radio studios, production, News and TV channels

The attenuators are made of ceramic conductive for 15 years and have ETM-VCA control that avoids the possibility of noise. It also includes 3 conference telephone hybrids operated by luminous keypads. One of them operates cell phones via Bluetooth 4.0 wirelessly.

The mixer has independent stereo outputs for Air and Recordings and 5 monitored channels, allowing you to do two tasks at the same time.

The 5 microphones have a 4 band equalizer switchable to PGM or REC, specially designed for voice. Your announcers will have that rich sound of the more expensive consoles, which will enhance your sound output.

Five dynamic microphones are operated on the DX 816 from three attenuators. Or three capacitor MIC with 48V phantom power.

The mixer offers GPIO outputs for MIC and Line. A Master MIC button on the panel sends all MIC’s on the air. A Tally Light that shows that the console is AIR.

The control section indicates the number of digital channels used, which can reach 8 channels with the two USB inputs / outputs connected. At the bottom is the action of the audio compressor that levels the sound of all the microphones.

This exclusive device of the console’s Solidyne allows levelling automatically, without using the attenuators, the intensity of sound of each of the speakers ensuring that all of them can be heard in the air in a natural and perfect.

Solidyne consoles are the only ones in the world to offer the new 15-year Conductive Ceramic attenuator technology.

They are easily recognized by their remarkable softness, as they can be moved by supporting a feather …

The two USB inputs of the DX 816 allow a direct connection to one or two PC computers, without the need to use audio boards, and with a sound quality superior to that of the most expensive plates. It allows you to play music from the automation software and trigger its warnings or sound effects by simply opening the attenuator. It also allows direct connection to Skype and other free programs to communicate in conference and at no cost to everyone with digital sound quality.

An advanced 5 channel monitoring panel allows the independent management of 4 independent stereo outputs for: control monitor, control headphones, studio monitor and studio headphones