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Solidyne DX816

12 Channel On-Air Mixer

Original price was: €3,385.Current price is: €3,225.

Original price was: €3,385.Current price is: €3,225.
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Introducing the Solidyne DX816 12-Channel Digital Console with AoIP, an innovative solution tailored to meet the demands of modern broadcasting environments such as radio studios, production houses, newsrooms, and TV channels. This versatile mixer combines balanced digital and analog inputs and outputs to accommodate the diverse needs of contemporary broadcasters.

Crafted with precision, the DX816 features attenuators crafted from conductive ceramic and ETM-VCA control technology, ensuring a remarkable 15-year lifespan while minimizing the risk of noise interference. Facilitating seamless communication, it includes three conference telephone hybrids equipped with luminous keypads, including a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled option for wireless cell phone operation.

Experience unparalleled flexibility with independent stereo outputs for on-air broadcasts and recordings, along with five monitored channels, facilitating efficient multitasking. Elevate your audio quality with a dedicated 4-band equalizer for each of the five microphones, meticulously designed to enhance voice clarity and richness.

Whether utilizing dynamic microphones or capacitor microphones with 48V phantom power, the DX816 offers robust support, ensuring smooth operation and exceptional sound reproduction. Take control with GPIO outputs for microphones and lines, complemented by a Master MIC button for seamless on-air transitions, all highlighted by a prominent Tally Light indicating live broadcasts.

Achieve professional-grade audio compression with the integrated compressor, ensuring a consistent sound level across all microphones for a natural and flawless broadcast experience. Benefit from Solidyne’s exclusive 15-year Conductive Ceramic attenuator technology, renowned for its unparalleled durability and smooth operation.

Enhance your workflow with two USB inputs, enabling direct connectivity to PC computers without the need for additional audio boards. This feature-rich mixer delivers superior sound quality, ideal for playing music from automation software, triggering sound effects, and conducting digital conferences via programs like Skype.

Stay in control with the advanced 5-channel monitoring panel, offering independent management of stereo outputs for control monitors, headphones, studio monitors, and studio headphones. With its comprehensive feature set and exceptional performance, the Solidyne DX816 sets a new standard in professional broadcasting equipment, combining advanced technology with unparalleled reliability.

Tech Features:

  • 10 channels; 3 faders for microphones (up to 5 can be used), 4 Lines, 2USB, 3 telephone Hybrids
  • 16 stereo inputs; 5 dynamic or three condenser 48V phantom microphones
  • 3 LIN balanced (DIN 5), 4 LIN unbalanced (RCA), 2 digital input USB, 3 Hybrid telephone (RJ11 & Bluetooth)
  • 1 Monitor Air (Jack 6.35 mm)
  • 5 stereo outputs; Digital: PGM Digital USB, REC Digital USB; Analogue: Balanced Program (PGM), Balanced Recordings (REC), External Hybrid (send & return)
  • 5 Monitor Stereo Output: Studio monitors, Studio Headphones (with distribution amplifier), Control Room monitors, Control headphones, CUE mono (with internal speaker). With full control logic and muting.
  • 4 Band EQ Mic, Microphone Audio Compressor
  • Low Silhouette, flush mounting on any table without cutting it
  • Hybrid with Bluetooth wireless cellphone
  • Professional Attenuators 100mm Conductive Ceramic 15-year life
  • Modular electronics; for easy maintenance
  • Option AoIP to transmit digital audio over Ethernet / Internet
  • External switching power supply: 90-240 V

Faders: Unlike other consoles, the DX816 uses ETM-VCA: indirect control on all audio channels. The faders do not handle audio, only control a DC current which in turn commands a variable gain stereo amplifier. The use of conductive ceramic faders, along with this technology, allows their attenuators more than 15 years of use and eliminates noise.