Solidyne DH400

4-Line Digital Phone Hybrid

The Solidyne DH400 is the only system on the market that is operated from any PC on the LAN. And with the exclusive VQR system to reconstruct the original voice quality

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The Solidyne DH 400 system is the crowning of 45 years of experience in the manufacture Solidyne telephone hybrids It is a digital hybrid with DSP that allows it to be configured in seconds from anywhere on the radio, through the LAN. You can select telephone lines for recording calls, air interviews or Televoting.

The DH400 handles four telephone lines. The audio signal is digitized and processed within four DSP units (Digital Signal Processor) . The hybrid rejection is automatic and reaches values ​​of 50 to 60 dB using a technology called digital echo cancellation. This high rejection allows one to hear in loudspeakers the remote correspondent at the radio studio, large auditoriums or television sets. The high return cancellation of DH400 applies both to telephone and acoustic path. It can handle the sound of videoconferencing; something impossible with analogue hybrids.

The DH400 is handled by an internal microcomputer that supports multiple modes. For example, you can handle 4 Production phones so that the telephonists write on the PC screen the name of the caller then, the local talent can switch On-Air the caller, knowing beforehand all the basic information about the caller.

It is possible to receive the line calls or place them at a conference from anywhere in the network where the DH400 software is installed. Production transfers the communication to the operator by pressing the button Flash of the telephone. Quite simply, all automatic. The operator if desired may refrain from intervening.

DH400 is able to work full automatic, 24 hours a day, attending phone lines, with a personalized welcome message, and automatically recording 4 lines simultaneously. The recording is of high sound quality, unlike the PC telephone answering machines.

During the night, a single DJ operator can handle the radio. DH400 attends four lines with the welcome message and then places it on HOLD status, with transference to the radio DJ. Pushing the NEXT button, the oldest caller on Hold will go On-Air. In all cases, DH400 can be operated from its front panel or through PC software.

Excellent audio quality; The absence of local voice return due to echo cancellation algorithms, allows for excellent audio quality. VQR (Voice Quality Restoration) allows air audio quality virtually indistinguishable from a Studio interview.