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Solidyne 542APC Original price was: €2,690.Current price is: €2,560.

Solidyne AudiMax 362HD

FM/HD Audio Processor

The Solidyne Audimax 362HD has 7 analogue processing stages and a digital stereo coder.

Original price was: €1,335.Current price is: €1,270.

SKU: 101377
Original price was: €1,335.Current price is: €1,270.
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Introducing the Solidyne AudiMax 362HD: A Powerful Audio Processing Solution

The Solidyne AudiMax 362HD is a cutting-edge audio processor boasting seven analog processing stages and a digital stereo coder. This exceptional device operates across three distinct audio bands and provides seven front panel controls to tailor your radio station’s sound, ensuring it stands out from the competition. The AudiMax 362HD’s surprisingly affordable price tag makes it an ideal choice for community FM radios and low-power stations. Notably, the Model 362 offers simultaneous stereo balanced outputs for online audio streaming and a coaxial MPX output for FM transmission. Meanwhile, the 362-IT model serves as an excellent processor for webcasting, thanks to its internal equalization capabilities, optimizing streaming performance. Discover the beauty of audio streaming; simply select it from the menu on the left.

When utilized in an FM radio setting, the AudiMax 362 significantly enhances FM transmission reach, expanding coverage by 30 to 50%. This results in an impressive audio quality that sets your radio station apart. If you want to delve deeper into how processing can enhance FM reach, you can explore our informative PowerPoint presentation on Audio Processors (available in Spanish).

AudiMax is a VCA-controlled system, which means it is incredibly easy to adjust. With all the knobs set to their center positions, your radio will sound perfect on the airwaves. There’s no need for a specialized technician to fine-tune the settings. One of its standout features is its user-friendliness; you won’t require a technician for initial setup or adjustments. Furthermore, the AudiMax eliminates the need for precise input level control, as an automatic system adapts the input gain to the output level of any audio console, even when operated by the most distracted radio operators.

The stereo coder stage employs digital synthesis with 16X oversampling, a technology developed by Solidyne, ensuring ultra-low distortion and exceptional channel separation. The best part? It doesn’t require any readjustment during its entire operational life. Additionally, the MPX output features a differential type with a floating ground to cancel residual humming.

Choose the Solidyne AudiMax 362HD, and elevate your radio station’s audio quality, reach, and appeal without the need for extensive technical expertise. Invest in excellence today!