Solidyne AudiMax 362HD

FM/HD Audio Processor

The Solidyne Audimax 362HD has 7 analogue processing stages and a digital stereo coder.

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Solidyne AudiMax 362HD

The Solidyne Audimax 362HD has 7 analogue processing stages and a digital stereo coder. It works with 3 audio bands and has 7 front panel controls for customizing the sound (so that your radio sounds different from the others) Its very low price tag is appropriate for community FM radios and low power stations. Model 362 has simultaneous stereo balances outputs for audio streaming on the Internet and coaxial MPX output for FM transmitter. The 362-IT model is an excellent processor for WEBcasting because analogue inputs have internal equalization for optimal performance of streaming (you can listen to audio streaming; select it at the left menu)

Operating in an FM radio, the AudiMax 362 increases the reach of the FM transmission, improving the coverage area between 30 and 50%, obtaining an impressive audio quality that will distinguish your radio station. You can learn more about how processing improves the FM reach, at our PowerPoint presentation: Audio Processors (Spanish).

AudiMax is fully controlled by VCA, being very simple to adjust. In fact, with all the knobs to the centre position, your radio will sound perfect on the air. You don’t need a technician to make the settings. Its main characteristic is the ease of use because it does not require a specialized technician to start up and to adjust the unit; and neither it has the critical Input level control since an automatic system adapts the input gain to the output level of any audio console and radio-operators (still the most distracted…)The stereo coder stage uses digital synthesis with 16X oversampling, a technology developed by Solidyne that guarantees ultra-low distortion and high channel separation, not requiring any readjustment during all its full life. MPX output is a differential type, with floating ground for cancelling the residual humming.