Solidyne ADA102

Digital Audio Codec

The Solidyne ADA102 digital audio codec is used as a high quality STL link, Internet streaming or Studio Link using a LAN network.

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Solidyne ADA102

Digital Audio Link TCP/IP

With inputs and outputs AES-3 OPTIONAL

The transport of audio signals at the last Century

In the early days of radio, audio handling over long distances was conducted by telephone lines. They were replaced by VHF/UHF radio links with a range of about 60 Km. Its sound quality was acceptable 25 years ago, but today becomes the worst link in the audio chain of modern FM radio.

The transport of high-tech audio at the XXI Century.

Transporting high-quality audio has turned to the Internet. If you do not have Internet at the transmission plant, the 3G / 4G modems solve the problem.


But if you do not want to use the Internet, there are digital microwave links 5.8 GHz with a range of 4 to 50 km at low cost. The 5.8 GHz band, on the other hand, is free to use for data communications.

But to handle digital technologies we need to use Coders / Decoders


This is where Solidyne appears with his solution:
the coder / decoder ADA102 …

ADA 102, a landmark in high quality Audio & Data link



The ADA102 is a streaming generator completely stand alone. Encoder works transforming a balanced stereo analog audio signal into a streaming of MP3 or PCM audio. The encoded output TCP / IP or RTP supports Ethernet, with direct connection to a modem.
From a front panel push-button, the ADA102 becomes Coder or Decoder.

The ADA102, in addition to handling analog audio data also handles remote control. It has an RS232 serial port to communicate the Studio with the transmitter plant.

It also has 4-channel GPIO, 2 with relay output for switching on and off remote equipment.

The ADA102 Decoder is located at the other link end for converting streaming into analog audio.
The ADA102-mpx model incorporates an MPX output for direct connection to an FM transmitter. It is the only digital link at the world market offering MPX output digitally generated at decoder side.
If the Internet connection is interrupted, the ADA102 starts to play a special radio program recorded by each user on a Pen Drive. This emergency program is cut when the Internet connection returns.


Connecting the ADA102

Please note that the inputs / outputs are optional AES-3

High-precision MP3 encoding

ADA102 handles new encoding algorithms MPEG layer 3 VBR type that achieve levels of excellent audio quality. This is crucial for HD and digital radios and for new FM transmitters of ultra-low distortion.

The generation of Internet audio streaming for on-line radio (Webcasting). The quality level achieved for the ADA102 exceeds a PC but it also works 24 hours without hard drive wear or interruptions. Adding an audio processor considerably improves sound quality and maintains a constant audio level.

Replacing an analog STL link by a full digital link
Two or more repeater stations can be easily linked


The use of an ADA102 coder at a studio connected to the Internet or connected to a 5.8 GHZ link can cover the distance to the transmitter plant. You can receive the signal with the ADA102mpx having 70 dB channel separation (with an analog link, hardly achieve 30 dB …)

Now a 100% Digital Radio is available to your budget.

With Solidyne today you can have a full Digital Audio chain at your radio; from the PC hard disc up to the processor MPX output at the transmission plant