Solidyne MX2100 1
Solidyne MX2100 Original price was: €865.Current price is: €825.
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Solidyne ADA102

Digital Audio Codec

The Solidyne ADA102 digital audio codec is used as a high quality STL link, Internet streaming or Studio Link using a LAN network.

Original price was: €1,245.Current price is: €1,185.

Original price was: €1,245.Current price is: €1,185.
Original price was: €1,825.Current price is: €1,735.


Revolutionizing Audio Links with Solidyne ADA102: A New Era in Audio Technology

Meta Description: Discover the cutting-edge technology of Solidyne ADA102 for high-quality audio transmission. Explore its features, technical specifications, and applications in revolutionizing audio links for modern broadcasting.

Solidyne ADA102: The Future of Audio Transmission

Introducing Solidyne ADA102, the pinnacle of audio transmission technology featuring optional AES-3 inputs and outputs for seamless integration into your setup. Explore its capabilities through our user-friendly MENU, offering access to technical facilities, specifications, printable brochures, and a comprehensive user manual.

Evolution of Audio Signal Transport

In the past century, audio signal transport underwent a significant transformation. From telephone lines to VHF/UHF radio wave links, the journey has been remarkable. However, the limitations of traditional links have paved the way for cutting-edge solutions like Solidyne ADA102.

High-Tech Audio Transport in the 21st Century

In today’s digital age, high-quality audio transport relies on advanced technologies like the Internet and 3G/4G modems. For those seeking alternatives, 5.8 GHz microwave digital links offer a cost-effective solution, ensuring optimal performance without relying on Internet connectivity.

Introducing Solidyne ADA102: A Game-Changer

Solidyne ADA102 redefines audio transmission with its innovative features. Serving as a fully autonomous data stream generator, it effortlessly encodes stereo audio signals into MP3 or PCM audio streams. Its compatibility with Ethernet networks and direct modem connection ensures seamless integration into any setup.

Versatile Functionality

With the ADA102, versatility is key. Whether you need an encoder or decoder, a simple button activation on the front panel transforms its functionality. Moreover, its compatibility with balanced analog audio and RS232 serial port for remote control communication make it a versatile solution for various applications.

Unparalleled Performance

The ADA102 sets a new standard in audio transmission with its high precision MP3 encoding capabilities. Leveraging MPEG layer 3 VBR coding algorithms, it delivers exceptional audio quality crucial for HD digital radios and ultra-low distortion FM transmitters.

Applications Galore

From Internet radio streaming to studio-transmitting plant links, the ADA102 excels in diverse applications. Whether it’s generating audio streams for webcasting or replacing analog links with digital ones, its unmatched performance ensures seamless transmission across various platforms.

Experience the Future of Audio Transmission

With Solidyne ADA102, the future of audio transmission is here. From PC hard disks to MPX output in transmission plants, achieve 100% digital radio transmission within your budget. Join the revolution and elevate your audio transmission capabilities with Solidyne ADA102.