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Solidyne 542APC

Universal Processor & Mod Monitor

TheSolidyne 542APC combines a 5 Band universal audio processor including FM Analyzer + RDS & FM/HD/AM/TV/Streaming.


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Original price was: €2,690.Current price is: €2,560.
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Solidyne 542APC

The 542 APC is the processor that many AM and FM radios were looking to enter the digital age, even with little money. With the 542APC  you get excellent audio quality, impossible to achieve with standard analog processing.

The coverage area of ​​your radio, both in AM and FM, will be increased by up to 50%. The processor supports balanced analog inputs and AES-3 digital inputs (optional). It has dual output: MPX output for FM transmitter and simultaneous balanced analog outputs for Internet transmission, it also has an internal RDS coder. You can also control it over the Internet and create new settings using a simple PC or a Tablet over Wi-Fi. It is the only processor that controls and optimizes your transmission using a digital FM Monitor.

It has 30 memories to store your favourite processing programs (20 preset memories, factory set to go immediately on the air). All adjustments can be made, in a few minutes, from the front panel, using a wheel and following the instructions on the LCD panel. You can assign a password to the system to prevent someone from changing your settings. In addition, the processor has an RS232 port to connect it to a computer to switch programs remotely. The 542 APC replaces 10 audio processors, outperforming many higher cost digital processors.

The 542 APC processor includes a new idea that has revolutionized the market: adding a complete digital FM frequency and modulation monitor that includes pilot tones, bandwidth, audio quality, etc. and that allows you to fine-tune it and even verify how much they modulate. The competing radios to make sure you surpass them. Also generate on the study PC a list of measurements of your signal on the air that you can send by mail to your radio technician or Solidyne to have an accurate diagnosis of any technical problem.