Solidyne 542APC Original price was: €2,690.Current price is: €2,560.
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solidyne d612
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Solidyne 2600

Digital mixing consoles for radio and TV studios


Original price was: €8,795.Current price is: €8,372.

Original price was: €8,795.Current price is: €8,372.
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Introducing Solidyne 2600 Line – Revolutionize Your Studio Experience

Upgrade your studio with the cutting-edge Solidyne 2600 Line, featuring the 2600 XD Smart Console. Designed for high-performance studies in radio and TV, these consoles boast innovative AoIP control surface technology, seamlessly integrating into existing setups while paving the way for future advancements.

Why Choose Solidyne 2600?

  • Versatile Compatibility: The 2600 line adapts effortlessly to analog or digital studios, utilizing existing tables and wiring while offering expansion towards AoIP digital systems.
  • Advanced Features: Enjoy a sleek new design with a low-profile cabinet, illuminated buttons per channel, and electronic audio routing for optimal performance.
  • Programmable Flexibility: Customize each channel in seconds for your radio’s specific needs, from phantom power settings to speaker control and more.
  • Exceptional Audio Quality: Solidyne’s proprietary conductive ceramic dimmers ensure precise control without signal degradation, providing unmatched audio clarity.
  • Modular Expandability: The 2600 XD consoles offer 100% modularity, allowing seamless upgrades and future scalability without interrupting operations.
  • Remote Accessibility: With the optional Virtual 2600 internal computer, control your console remotely via LAN network, PCs, tablets, or smartphones, enabling flexible studio setups and remote operation.

Discover the Solidyne Difference

Experience unparalleled audio processing with Solidyne’s MIC Processor modules, offering specialized equalization, noise gating, and compression for pristine vocal reproduction. Plus, Solidyne’s unique VQR system restores lost audio quality during telephone transmission, ensuring crystal-clear phone reports every time.

Elevate Your Studio Setup

From USB digital inputs for seamless PC connectivity to comprehensive monitoring and communication features, the Solidyne 2600 Line is the ultimate solution for modern radio and TV studios. Whether you’re a seasoned broadcaster or a budding studio, Solidyne’s 2600 Line delivers unmatched performance, flexibility, and value.

Upgrade to Solidyne 2600 today and take your studio to new heights of excellence.