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Sinteck XT-5000

The Sinteck XT-5000 is a full-featured 5kW FM stereo transmitter.


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Sinteck XT-5000: A Full-Featured FM Transmitter

The Sinteck XT-5000 is a comprehensive FM transmitter that fulfils the requirements of major networks at an exceptionally competitive price point. Sinteck’s primary objective with the XT-5000 is to provide customers with a highly dependable, cost-effective, and compact product that offers the best cost-to-benefit ratio in the market. With adjustable power up to 2000W, a compact form factor of only 3 rack units (13.3 cm high), and a cutting-edge ZVS configuration, this transmitter achieves an impressive 93% efficiency in the power sector and 85% in RF industry. It’s the superior choice for your station.

Sinteck’s XT Transmitter Line: Energy Efficiency and Robustness

Sinteck’s XT transmitter line prioritizes energy efficiency and robustness, providing complete solutions for those seeking top-tier signal quality at a low operational cost. These transmitters incorporate direct-on-channel FM modulator circuits with audio response equivalent to DDS digital equipment but at an affordable cost. They feature robust, efficient, accurate, and compact circuitry, combined with a harmonious mechanical structure and unparalleled design. XT is exclusive and produced by those who understand radio and technology: Sinteck Next.

Technical Specifications:

  • XT-5000 (5000W)
  • Outstanding efficiency across all models
  • 3.9-inch colour display
  • High linearity VCO for the best audio quality, equivalent to DDS digital circuits
  • 3kW Eltek Flatpack Powerpack-2 power supplies (2 for XT-3000 and 3 for other equipment)
  • LDMOS NXP RF transistors from a high robustness series, supporting VSWR of up to 65:1
  • Extremely easy maintenance at the transmitter centre with easily replaceable components and boards
  • RF tuning via presets with automatic power reduction according to programmed schedules
  • Built-in single-band audio processor and high-quality DSP digital stereo generator
  • Built-in dynamic RDS generator
  • Full telemetry with no monthly fees, offering direct access via a web browser screen or smartphone applications
  • Audio inputs with digital level control: one MPX input, one SCA input, stereo XLR inputs, and digital AES/EBU input
  • Built-in MP3 player with a USB input for USB flash drives
  • DC 48V voltage input from solar panels, wind turbines, and battery banks with a micro-controlled charging circuit
  • Total management of alternative energy systems that enables self-sustainability without the need for connection to the alternating current (AC) network.